M.Sc. in Microbiology Science at NIMS University, Eligibility Criteria, Course Fees

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M.Sc. in Microbiology Science at NIMS University


MSc in Microbiology is a two-year postgraduate program provided by a number of Indian universities. The course blends biology and chemistry ideas to better comprehend living organisms and their interactions with the ecosystem. The study of microbes and their impact on human life is covered in this course. A master's degree in microbiology enables students to obtain a deeper understanding of microbes such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, and other species. Students also learn about the role of these microorganisms in waste management and fermented food production. Students in the MSc Microbiology program study detailed microbiology topics as well as interdisciplinary themes. Pharmaceuticals, agriculture, brewing, and commercial product manufacture all benefit from MSc Microbiology. Practicals, research-based projects, and laboratory work are all part of the MSc Microbiology program, and they help candidates flourish in the profession by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge.


Eligibility Criteria for M.Sc. Microbiology Science

Under the 10 +2+ 3 system, a bachelor's degree (pass or honours) with Biology as one of the subjects must have a minimum of 55 percent in the aggregates to be accepted by the UGC.



Two Years


Program Fee 

  • 30000 /-INR For Indian Students
  • 36000 /-INR For Foreign Students


Placement Cell:

With the help of professionals, the University's Placement and Training Program Cell connects academics with industry processes so that each of our students can make meaningful connections between their learning experiences and contemporary practices. Smart classrooms, bolstered by interactive pedagogical discourses by experts from all disciplines; health sciences to human sciences, industrial training to advanced engineering, personnel management to corporate management, creative literature to innovative multimedia, art, and architecture; are bolstered even more by training programs that aren't just focused on industry needs but also conducive to a positive learning environment.

  • We keep in touch with the industry on a regular basis through seminars, guest lectures, conferences, corporate meetings, and other activities.
  • Plan and organize recruitment efforts both on and off-campus.
  • Assisting students with their summer internship projects.
  • Providing the necessary personal development and communication skills training to students.
  • The databases of students are being built, and their education is being pushed to numerous businesses.


Recruitment partners:

  • Accenture
  • ATCS
  • EY
  • Auriga
  • Sopra Steria
  • Pinnacle Infotech
  • Robomq
  • IBM
  • Vodafone
  • Mindtree
  • MTX
  • Jaro Education
  • Gril
  • TATA Consultancy
  • Wipro
  • Metacube
  • A one Salasar
  • Birlasoft
  • Chegg
  • Capgemini
  • Tata Power
  • Daffodil
  • BYJU’S
  • Hgiel
  • AIS
  • Thrillophilia
  • Infosys




Government Schemes: The various state governments would return the entire tuition fee to SC/ST/OBC students in compliance with their state government legislation.


NIMS Entrance Examinations


Scholarship eligibility for post-graduate programs is determined using the NIMS UNIVERSITY Common Scholarship and Entrance Examinations.

(Only for students who have a Class XII grade point average of less than 70% and a graduation percentage of less than 65%.)

  • 50% Scholarship- 95% and above
  • 25% Scholarship- 90% and above
  • 20% Scholarship- 85% and above
  • 10% Scholarship- 60% and above


Programs after Graduation


Scholarship for Post-Graduation Programs on the Basis of Merit A scholarship will be awarded following enrolment in the program and verification of legitimate documentation.

  • 100% Scholarship -In Class XII, the average was 94 percent or above, while in Graduation, the average was 85 percent.
  • 75% Scholarship - In Class XII, you must have a cumulative grade point average of 90 percent or higher, and in Graduation, you must have a grade point average of 80 percent or higher.
  • 50% Scholarship - In Class XII, an average of 80 percent or above is required, while in Graduation, a minimum of 75 percent is required.
  • 25% Scholarship – In Class XII, you must get a grade point average of 75 percent or above, and in Graduation, you must achieve a grade point average of 70 percent.
  • 20% Scholarship – In Class XII, students must achieve a grade point average of 70 percent or above, and in Graduation, students must get a grade point average of 65 percent.


For State / National Level Players

  • NIMS University is dedicated to fostering and developing talent. All candidates who have competed in state and national games will get a 50% scholarship. Candidates who apply for all programs (excluding council courses) and have a valid state and national level certificate are eligible for a 50% subsidy.


For State / National Level Entrance Examination

  • A 10% scholarship will be given to candidates who have taken any state or national level entrance exams, such as JEE, CLAT, or others.
  • This 10% scholarship is in addition to the merit-based scholarship (save for those who have already won a 100% scholarship) and the NIMS UNIVERSITY Common Scholarship cum Entrance Examinations scholarship (except for those who have already gotten 100 percent ).
  • Both undergraduate and graduate programs are eligible for a 10% grant.


For Specially Abled Candidates

  • All candidates with a disability of more than 40% will be eligible for a 50% scholarship in both undergraduate and graduate programs. Such candidates must submit proof of eligibility at the time of acceptance, and scholarships will be awarded following proper verification.


Scholarship for NIMS Alumni

  • Only NIMS students who continue their education at NIMS Universities after a two-year hiatus are eligible for a 50% fee reduction.


Scholarship for Defence

  • With the exception of those who have previously won a 100% scholarship based on the NIMS UNIVERSITY Common Scholarship cum Entrance Examinations, candidates whose parents are in the military will get a 10% additional award on top of the merit-based scholarship.
  • This additional 10% grant is available to students with both undergraduate and graduate degrees.



Special Note:-

  • The scholarship program has a restricted number of seats available. The percentages you provide will be used to see if you are eligible for a scholarship. NIMS application forms must be filled out by candidates who score above a specified percentage. The Scholarship Committee is the last arbiter of whether or not a scholarship should be awarded.
  • Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis, and in the second and following years of the program, they are subject to scholarship restrictions. Students must maintain a full scholarship by ranking in the top 5% of the program's merit rating. Students must place in the top 10% of the merit list for the program in order to preserve their 75% scholarship. Students must place in the top 20% of the merit list for the program to maintain their 50% scholarship.
  • Scholarships are only available after one year if the batch consists of at least 30 students.




  • Scholarship is not available for Ph.D. programs.
  • NIMS does not offer scholarships for the Diploma Paramedical, Nursing, Pharmacy, or Architecture programs.
  • Tuition prices are the sole fees for which scholarships are available.
  • Exam costs are paid on exam day, uniform kits are purchased as needed, and club dues are paid.
  • If their aggregate percentage in qualifying exams meets the criteria outlined in Prof. (Dr.) Balvir Singh Tomar Merit-Based Scholarship, all students who have been offered a scholarship based on the NIMS University Common Scholarship or the NIMS University Common Entrance Examination are eligible for an upgrade. Students must submit an application as well as a certified copy of their grades in this scenario.



Classrooms & Labs


The majority of the classrooms at NIMS University are amphitheater-style. They give the ideal setting for energizing and concentrated discussions. For lectures, presentations, and other activities, NIMS classrooms are equipped with the most up-to-date audio-visual teaching equipment, allowing students and teachers to combine analysis and action.


Key Highlights


  • Well Furnished and Ventilated Classrooms
  • Equipped with the Latest Audio-Visual teaching aid
  • Full Functional laboratories
  • Computer Labs
  • Discussion room
  • Auditorium Room with 500+ seating capacity
  • Seminar Hall for 100+ seating capacity with Latest Audio-Visual teaching aid
  • Smart Boards


Hostel fees:


For the academic session 2021-22 Hostel Fee for All Non-MBBS Students (including BDS/MDS Students)














Non AC Rooms 






* Subject to availability 


A.C. BUS Service Transportation charges for All Non-MBBS Students (including BDS/MDS Students) 



Transportation Fee





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