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Delhi University: The number of scholars visiting the campus was much smaller, considering the reopening of Delhi University schools for final-year internships. This was due to Delhi's numerous outdoor college students. Few attended the physical periods without the reopening of hostels. In addition, the schools found low academic attendance as many of them were sad with the college order saying that each of them needed to be current regardless of the lessons they taught. On the primary and second days of reopening, North Campus schools mostly bore an abandoned look. Hindu College principal Anju Srivastava reported that outstation college students did not come as hostels were not available.

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Delhi college students, Ramjas College principal Manoj Khanna also reported the same factor regarding low attendance. After a web-based assembly, the employee affiliation of Ramjas released an announcement condemning the Delhi University order of January 29 requiring all academics and staff members to attend schools from February 1. The affiliation asked scholars to continue online lessons until reopening circumstances implied by the federal government had been given. Teachers gave a miss to lament about infrastructure points at schools on a primary day. Debraj Mookerjee, Ramjas College's affiliate professor of English, said it was not purely about Wi-Fi strategies, as not all of them had laptops. Even the phone network does not work well in our college. For science teachers, the DU notice should have been issued because they declared that third-year students had to complete their practical classes,” he added. 

A lot of students are from Kerala at Ramjas and cases of Covid-19 are still high there. In a staggered fashion, the entry of students must be prepared. Opening hostels at this stage is not feasible because, unlike St Stephen's, the facility is not accessible to anyone. Before passing such orders, the administration should have consulted us,” stated Mookerjee.

Amrita Dhawan, a Shaheed Bhagat Singh College trainer, said, "We are currently taking classes from home." The Wi-Fi scheme would fail if all teachers return to college. As accommodation is not available, more than half the parents are not ready to send their children to Delhi.

In addition, teachers identified that the college did not have the type of infrastructure needed for the hybrid study mannequin, for first and second-year college students, the place online lessons are held.

Sandeep Sindhu, a physics scholar:  From Haryana's Rajdhani College, was willing to remain absent from classes. "I'm not afraid, but my parents are worried that I'd have to stay in a paid guest house," he said. Nonetheless, off-campus schools observed a comparatively greater turnout. "SP Aggarwal of Ramanujan College said, "We had a decent number of students because we also had practiced for management and humanities topics apart from the science streams. Many students from BVoc also came.

Sourabh Aggarwal, a third-year academic who has been a faculty member since March 2020, said it was a "surreal experience."

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