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GATE 2021: During the final hours, the mock tests can be very useful in recognizing the type of questions posed in the exam. On February 6, 7, 13, 14, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Bombay) is all set to carry out the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) exam. GATE test qualifiers may be admitted to PG and doctoral courses in engineering/technology viz ME/ MTech and Ph.D. Many PSU organizations often use GATE score for technical workforce recruitment. It is just about time to follow some last-minute planning tips to secure a spot on the merit lists with just a few hours left before the test.

GATE 2021 helps candidates with planning tips.

Planning and strategies: It should be remembered, before anything else, that the syllabus reveals major changes. The National Level Test is being performed this year for 27 subjects instead of 25. With the exclusion of certain subjects, the syllabus of the papers has been updated. As such, in accordance with the updated syllabus, it is important to follow last-minute planning strategies.

Gate Exam topics: The identification of topics with a high weighting of marks in the GATE exam in the last few years is an efficient research method to be applied before the exam. During the final hours before the test, one must define these topics and engage in thorough revisions. In addition, before the test, candidates may also refer to sample papers to practice certain important topics.

In a bid to cover the syllabus, the qualifiers in the previous exams recommend that aspirants do not attempt to begin learning any new subject during the last few hours. In the other side, they propose leaving what has already been left. Candidates should also concentrate on thoroughly revising what they have already studied. Indeed, the end result of such a strategy is evident in the answer sheets of previous GATE exam qualifiers.

Multiple choice-type, multiple select-type, and numerical value-type questions are exhibited in the exam pattern. Mock tests are critical throughout the last few minutes, given such a diverse range of questions asked from the updated syllabus. IIT-Bombay has released mock tests for the exam that can be downloaded without the login of the applicant from the

Solving these mock tests will help candidates familiarize themselves with the current pattern of the exam. As a more reliable last-minute planning technique, however, a diverse set of mock tests must be solved. Questions of the numerical answer form are not new to the GATE test. In the previous year's tests, certain questions were consistently asked. Needless to say, two items are important for solving numerical questions, i.e. A simple grasp of basic principles and thorough practice.

Aspirants should refer to the GATE exam question paper of the previous year for a more oriented revision within the last few hours. The answers to these numerical questions presented in the previous year's exams can also be conveniently found in the corresponding year's answer keys. In order to memorize relevant facts and figures for the engineering entrance, we will also recommend that candidates refer as often as possible to previously prepared short notes, flashcards, maps, rough work. 

In terms of what to learn during the final hours, with little time remaining, one must become highly selective. In selecting only the most appropriate topics for the test, one must be selective. Chalk out and thoroughly rewrite certain chapters that makeup about 70 to 80 percent of the text. Adopt a similar strategy for the preparation of the 15-mark general aptitude section.

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