The Public Management Bachelor of Arts is an undergraduate course in Public Administration. The duration is 3 years. The course includes the investigation of numerous speculations of organizations, public associations, public administrations, and the protected structure. It educates and prepares the understudies in chose esteems, for example, uniformity, equity, security, and request. 

The understudies are additionally instructed to assume the liability of deciding the strategies and projects of the legislature. It is dispersed with an investigation of subjects, for example, organization, public dealings and associations, and sacred system. The understudies during their coursework find out about arrangements and projects of the legislature and increase information about chosen estimations of the nation. 

BA Public Administration course widely manages the investigation of different ideas relating to the organization, Public Services, Public Organizations, and the Constitutional structure. Understudies contemplating BA Public Administration study themes like Secularism, Equality, Law and Order, Justice, and how these qualities are joined in the Public Administration-related approaches and different governance arrangements.

The course confers information about the instrument being continued in the major political organizations and offices for the development, execution, and guideline of different public arrangements. The course likewise manages the predominant political, monetary, and social conditions.

It likewise includes contemplating the individuals who effectively participate in the policymaking cycle, including vested parties, master networks, media, offices, and so forth The course plans performing various tasks experts who view the predominant thoughts at present working upon the development of public approaches and their effective usage. The course endeavors to viably improve public life in the social circle by directing organization approaches.


Eligibility Criteria for B.A. (Public Administration) 



Admission Process for B.A. (Public Administration) 


Admission to the course takes place in 2 phases:


Entrance Examinations for B.A. (Public Administration) 



Syllabus and Course Structure for B.A. (Public Administration) 


Semester I

Semester II

Open Administration: Meaning, Nature, Evolution, Significance

Basics of Public Administration

Scope of New Public Administration

Hypotheses of Organization: Classical and Bureaucratic

New Public Management and Public and Private Administration

Workforce Administration: Meaning; Nature and Significance

Association: Meaning and Basis

Components of Personnel Administration: Recruitment, Training/Capacity Building

Standards of Organization: Hierarchy, Span of Control, Coordination

Financial plan: Principles, Preparation and Enactment of Budget

Supervision and Control, Communication, Decentralization, and Delegation

Open Funds: Accounting and Auditing

Types of Organizations: Formal and Informal

Money-related Control: Parliamentary (Parliament and its councils) and Executive Control.

Department, Board, Corporation, and Commission

Managerial Law

Independent Regulatory Commission

Assigned Legislation

CEO: Meaning, Types, and Role

Managerial Tribunal

Line, Staff and Auxiliary Agencies

Open Policy

Advertising: Meaning, Means, and Significance.


Semester III

Semester IV

Central Administration

State and District Administration

English Legacies over Indian Administration

States: Representative, Constitution Framework

Elements of Indian Administration

Chief Minister: Appointment Powers and Functions

Indian Administration in Socio-Economic Development

Committee of Ministers and State Legislature

Essential Rights and Duties

Powers, Position, Role

President: Election, Impeachment, Powers and Position

Organization and Structure of State Administration

Appointment, Powers, and Position of Head Administrator and Council of Ministers

State Secretariat and Directorate: Organization and Functions

Focal Secretariat and Cabinet Secretariat: Organization, Role, and Functions

Supervisor Secretary: Role and Position in State Administration

Service of Home Affairs: Organization and Role

State Planning Department and Board

Ministry of Finance: Organization and Functions

Divisional Commissioner: Powers, Functions, and Position

Finance Commission and Comptroller and Auditor General

Region Administration: Evolution, Features, and Functions

Common Service in India: Role and Significance

Region Collector: Evolution, Appointment

Union Public Service Commission: Composition and Functions

Capacities and Position

Enlistment and Training of All India and Central Services.

Police Administration at District Level: Organization and Functions

Semester V

Semester VI

Rural-Urban Administration

Development Administration

Nearby Government: Evolution, Meaning, Features, and Significance

Importance and Scope of Development Administration

73rd and 74th Constitution Amendment Acts

Concepts of Welfare State

Local urban bodies: the Municipal Corporation, the City Council, and the Local Commissions

Directive Principles of State Policy

Panchayati Raj Institutions: Composition, Functions

Welfare State

Sources of Income of Gram Panchayats

Association of Planning Agencies

Panchayat Samities and Zila Parishads

Planning Commission

Region Planning Committee: Composition, Functions, and Significance

National Development Council

State Finance Commission

State Planning Board and Department

State Election Commission

Preparation of Five Years Plans

Urban-Rural Relationship and Problems

Social Welfare Administration in India: Women and Children


Top Institutes for B.A. (Public Administration) 




Average Tuition Fees (Per Year) In INR

Miranda House College

New Delhi, Delhi NCR


Madras Christian College

Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Fergusson College,

Pune, Maharashtra


K J Somaiya College Of Arts & Commerce

Mumbai, Maharashtra


St Xavier's College, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, Gujarat


St. Xavier's College - [Sxc], Kolkata

Kolkata, West Bengal


Scottish Church College

Kolkata, West Bengal


Kishinchand Chellaram College -

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Asutosh College

Kolkata, West Bengal


Maulana Azad College

Kolkata, West Bengal


Arya Vidyapeeth College

Guwahati, Assam


Ranchi University

Ranchi, Jharkhand


Kelkar Education Trust's V.G. Vaze College Of Arts Science And Commerce,

Mumbai, Maharashtra


M.E.S. Abasaheb Garware College, Pune

Pune, Maharashtra


Cu Shah Arts College, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Ranchi Women's College

Ranchi, Jharkhand


Jyoti Nivas College - [Jnc], Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka


Indraprastha College For Women - [Ip], New Delhi

New Delhi, Delhi Ncr


Loreto College, Kolkata

Kolkata, West Bengal


Patna College

Patna, Bihar



Career Prospects for B.A. (Public Administration) 


Such graduates are employed in capacities such as Healthcare Administrator, Urban and Regional Planner, City Manager, etc.  Areas such as government, programs for industrial growth, Indian Civil Services, Fire and Rescue Services, Education, Public Works, Land Revenue Structures, Corporate Management, Local Bodies, Panchayati Raj, Police Force, Secretariat, Tribal Administration, and the recruitment of eligible course graduates.


Employment Areas



Job Types