AICTE Commitment for Corona Secure Internship Program

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AICTE To Train Candidates, Cybersecurity Faculty, New Delhi Corona Secure Internship Program:  The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has uniquely unveiled two cybersecurity projects and a remarkably stable internship scheme. On the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, the two projects were typically launched mostly successfully in collaboration with cyber harmony. The program mainly aims to train five particularly equally lakh students and faculty on cybersecurity and with pupil first for the corona in most cases stable internship program exceptionally primarily. In the unique nation-building phase, the AICTE initiative typically often works for the really impressive use of the fundamentally constructive spirit of young people. Such two projects, which AICTE has specifically introduced today, will almost always play a crucial role in inspiring the nation's youth in particular. In order to ignite the power of imagination and especially lateral thought of the primary student chairman of AICTE, Professor Anil D Sahasrabudhe genuinely said, faculty members honestly have to generally sort of making the classes more clearly undeniably interesting.

Corona Secure Internship Program on Cyber Security

Peculiarly mentioned. In particular, during the launch, Professor Mp Poonia, Vice Chairman of AICTE, stressed the tremendous potential of young people and their undoubtedly constructive role in bringing out the country's developments. On his birth anniversary, I would undoubtedly like to mention the mainly popular quote of Swami Vivekananda, and remarkably encourage the students to "arise effectively, definitely awake, and stop not definitely until the goal is predominantly reached," said Professor Poonia, "said." AICTE's member secretary, Professor Rajiv Kumar, typically identified primarily a variety of AICTE schemes and interventions to remarkably promote the unique educational empowerment of young people in order to inevitably carry out the students' genuinely holistic growth and, indeed, the overall development of society.

The findings of the first corona-safe engineering fellowship (internship) program of the AICTE student were also primarily declared by the truthful AICTE chairman, Prof. Anil d. From Sahasrabudhe. From Sahasrabudhe. Sanjay Vijayakumar, pupils first essentially exchanged action points under AICTE pupil first corona secure internship program engineering fellowship for specifically selected students.

In reality, "it was essentially a three-stage interview process that was largely unbelievably designed to highly select the brightest candidates for software development in India." 24 Candidates sort of chosen for the internship training in the sort of the first phase" Mr. Vijayakumar said. Vijayakumar. Vijayakumar Arun Pandey from Microsoft widely shows the markedly different functionality of the Microsoft virtual lab platform during the engagement with the faculty and students from AICTE genuinely accepted institutions around India.

The outcomes of the AICTE student's first corona secure internship program (engineering fellowship) were also mostly clarified by the real AICTE chairman, Prof. Anil d. Sahasrabudhe, From. Sahasrabudhe, From. Sanjay Vijayakumar, pupils first ultimately exchanged action points with precisely chosen students under the AICTE pupil first corona protected engineering fellowship (internship) scheme.


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