CBSE Board Exams 2021: Students Request Cancel Board Exams

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CBSE Board Exams 2021: Students Request Cancel Board Exams

CBSE board exams 2021: BSE board exams 2021 are scheduled to begin on May 4th, despite requests from parents and students for the Indian government to cancel the exams. The CBSE board exams 2021, which will be held for thousands of students across the country, will begin on May 4, 2021. Though the Central Board of Secondary Education has stated that the exams will be held on time, parents and students are now demanding that the Indian government cancel or postpone board exams due to an increase in COVID-19 incidents. The call for examination cancellation has grown louder after the Maharashtra government decided to encourage students from classes 1 to 8 without requiring them to take exams.

Due to Raisen COVID-19 Cases in Other Countries: “Mexico – 1300 cases, postponed exams. Saudi Arabia has 541 cases where exams have been canceled. 1400 cases have been closed in Kuwait, and exams have been canceled. India – 82,000 cases; exams will be conducted on time. Parents and students are circulating a viral tweet that reads, "Students' Lives Matter." “Sir, please cancel this year's board exams. We, the teachers, are seeking your assistance. Why aren't you making any decisions about the tenth and twelfth grades? Is it more important to give ‘exams' than to take care of your health? Even though the majority of us aren't even prepared to take offline exams,” Ruchika wonders.

Students Demanding to Cancel Board Exams: Although some are demanding that the government cancel board exams, others are requesting that the exams be conducted online. “We should do it online because Bharat is clearly experiencing a second wave, and anything that causes crowding in this scenario must be avoided!” If we conduct offline exams right now, we are taking a huge risk. A student asserts, "Health must take precedence over tests." “Because we've been training online for the whole year, we'll also be providing exams online. Who will be held liable if we get infected with Coronavirus?” Aditya Patel wonders.

Geetanjali advises: “Conducting board exams without adequate classes and comprehension is not fair. Students are also having difficulty with math and science, which necessitates additional instruction. This is the case. Inequity. These officials expect them to wear masks for three hours, in this hot weather? “Be practical,” Geetanjali advises.

Despite these challenges, the board has confirmed that exams will begin on May 4 and has advised parents and students not to believe or circulate news about exam cancellation or postponement. “Some people are sharing old news from 1.4.20 about X and XII exams in an effort to mislead people about board exams. Students should disregard the previous year's circular to avoid being fooled, according to CBSE.

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