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BHU Issues New Guidelines, Online Classes, Open Book Exams

BHU issues COVID-19 Guidelines: The Banaras Hindu University has issued a revised set of guidelines for students and staff members to check COVID-19 spread on campus, as of the most recent update. The university has decided to continue online classes and conduct online Open Book Exams for Even Semester Students as part of the various steps proposed. While students are not allowed to visit the campus, all university offices and departments will remain open as usual, and faculty members will be allowed to carry out their duties as usual.

Decision Taken at Review Meeting: At a recent review meeting held in the first week of April, it was decided to keep online learning and assessment for students. The meeting was chaired by Vice-Chancellor, and it was decided that physical classes for students would be postponed until further notice. The decision was taken into mind by the rapid increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in BHU hostels and hospitals.

Open Book Exams for Students: Moreover, the university stated that all upcoming examinations for Even Semester students will be conducted as an Open Book Test before the next review meeting is held. “Examinations for the even-semester will be held online using the OBE method,” according to a statement issued by BHU. In OBE mode, the pattern of examination and other conditions of examination shall remain unchanged.” "Cases of COVID are increasing every classes are being scheduled online...examinations will also be conducted in an online OBE mode," it continued.” BHU has requested that students leave their hostels and take exams "in the comfort of their own homes." “It would be in the national interest of the students to take their books and study materials home,” the university said.

Open Book Exam: The online OBE system does not require that an online platform be accessible for the duration of the exam. A PC/Laptop/Mobile Phone with internet access is needed to download the question paper from the portal at the start of the examination and to upload the handwritten answer sheets on the portal at the end. 

Open Book Exam Duration: The exam will last 4 hours (four hours), which includes time spent downloading the question paper from the portal, writing the answers by hand, and uploading the handwritten answer sheets to the portal.

Pattern of Question Paper: The Question Paper will contain 8 questions, with students being able to answer 4 of them. The question paper will be 70 points long, with each question worth 17.5 points. 

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