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CBSE Board 2021 Support students

Dr. Sanyam Bharadwaj, the board controller of the Central Board of Secondary Education, has confirmed that the board will assist students in passing their exams. The controller was speaking to the students about the board's efforts to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, and he reassured them. This year, the number of exam centers has been increased, as has the inclusion of struct COVID-19 protocols, which will be followed at all exam centers, according to Dr. Bharadwaj. The CBSE controller's announcement comes at a time when students and parents around the country are calling for the board exams to be canceled or postponed. Opposition parties have also challenged the board's decision to hold the exams in the midst of the pandemic.

Students will be assisted by the board: In an online conference organized by SAI International Education Group, the CBSE Board Controller spoke at a session titled "CBSE Board Examinations- Demystified." While speaking at the event, the board controller promised that the board would do everything possible to help the students concentrate on their studies. He also told the students to be wary of rumors and deception. Dr. Bharadwaj has also mentioned that doctors and health professionals will be enlisted to assist in the conduct of the exams and the preparation of proper plans. According to the CBSE controller, students will do much better this year than in previous batches because they will have more time to research on their own. Students must also work hard and accept responsibility for their exam results.

CBSE has issued a circular: ”All the principals are guided to update teachers' data in the OASIS within the schedule,” CBSE stated in a circular issued on April 3rd. The data will be compared before and after updating by CBSE.” Non-compliance with the orders, according to the CBSE, would result in conduct such as the school's board results not being declared, as well as "a personal penalty of Rs 50,000 on the principle" of the school.

The CBSE has also requested that practical exams be conducted without the presence of an external examiner appointed by the board. Previously, the CBSE class 12th practical assessment was expected to take place from March 1st to June 11th, and assessments for classes 10th and 12th will begin on May 7th.

CBSE Practical Exams 2021:

By April 10, 2021, schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education must update the list of teachers available as examiners in the Online Affiliated School Information System (OASIS). The board issued the order in response to a shortage of teachers serving as examiners for the CBSE Practical Exams in class 12. The board also stated that several schools have yet to upload the full list of teachers to the OASIS system.

What can be done if the schools refuse to amend the list?

CBSE-affiliated schools are encouraged to complete the list by the deadline. If they fail to do so, officials will take the following action against them:

  • The CBSE will take the appropriate measures in accordance with the Affiliation and Examination By-Laws.
  • The principal of the school will face a personal penalty of Rs. 50,000.
  • The outcome of the board will not be announced by CBSE.
  • Practicals performed by examiners who are not CBSE-approved will be cancelled. Under the oversight of the commission, these candidates' practicals will be re-conducted.
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