BPA - Bachelor of Performing Arts

Bachelor of Performing Arts or BPA is a generally 3-year undergraduate course. BPA is related to the entertainment industry. It provides for special learning in various skills related to performing arts and attention towards music, dance practices, and drama or as whole provides with specialization in any one of these fields It is offered in many colleges and universities in India. Some universities also run it for 4 years. The course covers various aspects of music, dance, and other art forms.

Skills Required:

All candidates who go on to chase a career in the field of entertainment and have an artistic ability are apt to pursue the course. 

Skill Set Required for BPA



Time management skills

Organisation skills


Commitment to the entertainment industry

Hard Work




Ability to express


Visualisation skills



Course Level


Examination Type


Eligibility for the program

10+2 examination

Duration of the program

3-4 years

Number of Universities

Over 50

Average Tuition Fee (per annum)

5,000 INR – 50,000 INR

Average Salary (per annum)

INR 2-7 Lakhs

Job Profiles

Actor, Therapist, Singer, Dancer, Theatre Director, etc.

Admission Process:

There are generally 2 modes. Students can pick for direct admissions or by entrance exams. 

Entrance Exams:

The entrance test paper generally consists of a theory paper which is objective in nature. 

Some Top Colleges are:

Bachelor of Performing Arts: Distance Learning:

There are many institutes which offer Bachelor of Performing Arts through distance learning or correspondence mode. Indira Gandhi National Open University [IGNOU] is the most important one.


BPA Course Curriculum:

An overview of subjects taught in three popular BPA specialisations – music, dance and theatre.


Raga Studies

Tala Studies

Fundamental Study of Hindustani Music

Fundamental Study of Tala

Western Music

Elementary study of Hindustani Music

Elementary Study of Tala

Analytical Study of Indian Classical Music

Analytical Study of Tala and Shastra

Intensive Study of Raga

Intensive Study of Tala

Folk Music


World Music


History of Dance

Technique of Dance


Movement Techniques

New Media & Performance Practice

Dance on Camera

Indian Culture




Basic Computer Skills

Basics of Vocal Practice

Body Movement and Dance

Communication Skills

Introduction to Indian Theatre


History of Indian Theatre

Practical Knowledge Of Basic Ragas

StageCraft and Design

Environmental Studies

Folk Theatre Forms of India


History of Western Theatre

Indian Culture and Art

Basic Concepts of Film Making

Event Management

Mixed Martial Arts

Theory of Direction and Stagecraft

Basics of Camera Light and Sound

Script Writing

Theatre Production

Basics of TV Production

Project on Short Film

Sound Editing

Sound Recording

TV Production Lab

Film Theories

Project on Commercial Advertisement

TV Production

Specialization in BPA :

Job Profile:

Career prospects for a performing arts graduate are bright.