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BTM (Bachelor of Tourism Management)

The Bachelor of Tourism and Management program is an undergraduate 3-year course designed to give students in-depth knowledge of current tourism and hospitality trends. It entails both a realistic and academic review of the tourism industry, its activities, tourist behavior, industry patterns, and dynamics. Throughout the program, students perform comprehensive research to obtain a better understanding of how the tourism industry operates, how it has changed in recent years, and what steps and measures are needed to ensure the safety of tourists in the country and the smooth operation of the industry. The BTM software is ideal for those who enjoy reading and learning about different locations and countries, as well as those who are intrigued by travel and its various aspects. They should also have outstanding communication skills and a comprehensive understanding of foreign tourism. The program's key aim is to determine the relationship between visitors/consumers and the tourism industry.

Eligibility Criteria for BTM

Admission Process for BTM

Entrance Exams for BTM

Top Colleges for BTM

College Name


Average Annual Fees

Prestige Institute of Management

Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

INR 60,000

Chandigarh University


INR 80,000

Mahatma Gandhi University


INR 14,000

Lovely Professional University


INR 1,29,000

Amity University


INR 95,372

Global Institute


INR 47,767

PCTE Group of Institute


INR 50,367

Desh Bhagat University of Hotel Management


INR 25,000

Syllabus for BTM

First Year:

English (Compulsory Language)

Transport Management

Business Environment for Tourism

Introduction to Tourism

Tourism Documentation

Tourism Production of India- Cultural

Geography for Tourism

Hindi Compulsory

Tourism Production of India - Natural

Second Year

Hotel Business

Tourism Marketing

An Introduction to Travel Agency & Tour Operations in India

HRM in Tourism

Principles of Management

Pilgrimage Tourism

Computer Applications in Tourism

Communicative English

Field Trip Report & Viva Voice

Third Year

Impact of Tourism

Economics of Tourism

Accounting for Tourism

Sustainable Tourism

Tourist Guiding

Tourism Administration in India

On the Job Training Report

Adventure Tourism

Salesmanship in Tourism

Career Options and Job Prospects for BTM

The BTM program helps students specialize in industry-specific expertise and trains them for careers in fields such as hotels, vacation resorts, retreat hotels, campgrounds, and holiday accommodations, among others.

Employment Areas

Job Roles: