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The LLD, or Doctor of Law, is a three-year doctoral-level law degree. National Law School of India University, National Law University, Banaras Hindu University, Chanakya National Law University, and others are some of the well-known universities that offer this course.

A research-level law degree program is known as a Doctor of Laws. A Doctor of Laws, or LLD, is a dedicated postgraduate degree for applicants with a Ph.D. already.

An LLD program lasts three years on average, and enrollment is highly selective and competitive. Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Fundamental Rights and Duties, Union State Legislative Relations, Concepts of Possession and Ownership, and other key subjects are covered in LLD. People who want to work in academia as professors or teachers of law should pursue an LLD degree. Candidates with an LLD are often favored for higher-level legal posts, such as judges. A high-quality candidate with a Doctor of Laws degree is sought by various sectors of the economy. These candidates are often hired by both private and public sector employers. The program has been developed to assist qualified candidates in learning successful intervention techniques as well as the requisite interpersonal and personal skills to function in this area.

Eligibility Criteria for LLD

Admission Process LLD

Entrance Exams LLD

Top Colleges for LLD

College Name


Average Annual Fees (in INR)

National Law School of India University


1, 75,000

National Law University

New Delhi


The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences



Banaras Hindu University



National Law University



NMS University



Mansarovar Global University



Sangam University



Syllabus and Course Structure LLD

Research Methodology


Relevance of Legal Research

Constitutional Law

Significance of Legal Research in India

Need for Legal Research and Importance of an interdisciplinary approach

Types of Research

Legal Research as a profession in India

Preamble and Writ Jurisdiction

Law Reform Research

Directive Principles of State Policy

Fundamental Rights and Duties

Union State Legislative Relations

Judiciary and Nature and Source of Law

Amendment to the Constitution of India

Emergency Provisions

Judicial Process and Social Transformation

Concepts of Possession and Ownership

Judicial Activism and Rights and Duties

Public International Law and Law of Torts

Options for areas of Specialisation and Social Justice

Environmental Law and Cyber Law

Law of Crimes: General principles

Law of Contracts: General Principles

Family Law and Business Law

IPR and Human Right

Jobs and Career Prospects for LLD

LLD is a great way to get ready for a variety of jobs. Academic work, such as in academic journals, doctrinal review, and observational studies, is the first career choice for these individuals. Working for NGOs, government agencies, doctrinal or scientific studies, and so on are all viable choices.

Job Title