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MVA- Master of Visual Arts

Master of Visual Arts is a postgraduate course in the field of visual arts. MVA courses are usually of two years duration. Candidates are taught subjects such as dance, theatre, painting, sculpture making, photography, architecture studied in depth. It teaches and prepares the students for a league of becoming exceptional artists. It also encourages them to follow other practices that are associated with the field of art.  The candidates can also go for distance education to study this course from international universities. MVA course aspirants are educated to develop a better understanding of visual arts and culture. Theories related to curatorship, art programming and organisational management are also taught to candidates. Candidates can specialise in fields such as Communication Design, Drawing and Painting, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Printmaking, Sculpture, Art History, Ceramics, Fibers, New Media Art, Photography, Watercolor, etc.

Course Highlights:

Course Level



2 years

Examination Type

Semester System


Graduate from a recognized university

Admission Process

Direct admission to colleges. However, some colleges may check student's skills through an entrance test.

Course Fee

INR 10,000 - 2 lacs

Average Starting Salary

INR 5-6 lacs

Top Recruiting Organizations'

National and State Museums, Art Galleries, Craft Mela's and a number of other placements available.

Top Recruiting Areas'

Advertising companies, Boutiques, Art Studios, Theatres, Tailoring Shops, Fashion Houses, Education Institutions, Television Industry, Animation, Teaching, Textile Industry, Sculpture

Top Job Profiles

Creative Director, Visual Artist, Drawing Teacher, Set Designer, Production Artist, Music Teacher, Multimedia Programmer, Art Therapist, etc

Skill Set :

Good drawing skills

Knowledge of different materials

Good at displaying things


Knowledge of Colours & Colour Theory

Good communication skills

Top Institutes:



Fees per annum in INR

Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda



Utkal University of Culture



Bharathidasan University



The IIS University








ShreematiNathibaiDamodarThackersey Women's University



Bangalore University



Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University




Admission Process:

The universities that offer Master of Visual Arts may conduct their own entrance examinations to select the right candidate. The candidates who meet the eligibility requirement can go for this entrance test. The admission test is followed by a personal interview round.

Entrance exams:

Syllabus and Course Description:

Semester 1

Semester 2

Specialization (any one):

i. Creative Painting

ii. Portraiture

iii. Mural

Specialization (Any one):

i. Creative Painting

ii. Portraiture

iii. Mural

History of Arts & Technology ( Related to Specialization)

History of Arts & Technology ( Related to Specialization)

Philosophy of Arts

Philosophy of Arts

Semester 3

Semester 4

Specialization (Any one)

i. Creative Painting

ii. Portraiture

iii. Mural

Specialization (Any one)

i. Creative Painting

ii. Portraiture

iii. Mural

Elective Subjects

Dissertation and viva-voce

Career Prospects:

Students after the completion of MVA can work as an art teacher, artists in government offices or a photographer. Postgraduates of Master of Visual Arts can also start their career as a freelance worker and excel in clothing, photography, television and fashion industry.

Job Position

Job Description

Average Annual Salary in INR

Art therapist

They are dedicated to helping both adults and children with their mental, physical, and emotional stability. They incorporate art-making into the patient's counseling sessions. This type of therapy is used in treating stress, depression, low self-esteem problems and behavioral problems.

2-3 lacs

Multimedia programmer

They are the ones who use their creative and technical ability to produce marketable digital products like Flash-based websites, mobile apps, and interactively animated films. Works with different multimedia features and is familiar to the usage of text, sound, graphics, digital photography, 2D/3D modeling, animation, and video.

5-6 lacs

Creative Director

They are the creative leads who advertise and market companies. Creative Directors work with designers, artists, copywriters, and marketers to frame strategies for selling products.

13-16 lacs

Fine Artist

They produce artwork using a variety of media and techniques. They display their work in museums, galleries or have a private collection. 

2-3 lacs