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BUMS is a bachelor's degree that takes a long time to complete 4.5 years long, including a year of internship. The fundamental forms of Unani therapies are taught to students. Students are taught about the various methods and procedures used in the practice of Unani medicine through various subjects such as exercise, cupping, diaphoresis, diuresis, Turkish water, and so on. Venesection, Cupping, Diaphoresis, Diuresis, Turkish Bath, Massage, Cauterization, Purging, Emesis, Exercise, and Leeching are all discussed in depth. The Central Council of Indian Medicine manages and supervises this BUMS course, which falls under the categories of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy (AYUSH). This is an approach that is similar to Ayurveda but uses different medicines. It is based on the concept of using four elements to diagnose and treat any illness: signs, symptoms, laboratory characteristics, and mijaz. The curriculum is designed in such a way that students understand all of the strategies and processes involved in Unani Medicine.

Eligibility Criteria for BUMS

Admission Process for BUMS

Entrance Exams for BUMS

Top Colleges for BUMS

College Name


Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences


Jamia Hamdard University

New Delhi 

Maharashtra University of Health Sciences


Deoband Unani Medical College


Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Rajasthan Ayurved University


Kashmir Tibbia College Hospital and Research Centre  


Aligarh Ayurvedic Unani Medical College and ACN Hospital 


Syllabus for BUMS

1st Professional 

2nd Professional 

Arabic and Mantiq wa Falsafa


Kulliyat Umoor E Tabiya

Tahaffuzi wa Samaji Tib

Tashreeh Ul Badan

Ilmul Advia

Munafe Ul Azha

Mahiyatul Amraz

3rd Professional 

4th Professional 

Communication Skills

Moalajat – I

Ilmul Saidla wa Murakkaba

Moalajat – I I

Tibbe Qanooni wa Ilmul Samoom

Amraze Niswan

Sareeriyat wa Usoole Ilaj

Ilmul Qabalat wa Naumaulood

Ilaj Bit Tadbeer

Ilmul Jarahat


Ain, Uzn, Anaf, Halaq wa Asnan

Job Prospects and Career Options for BUMS

After completing a BUMS, students would have several opportunities in a number of medical fields. Hakeem, Professor, Analyst, Chemist, Private Practice, Pharmacist, Psychiatrist, and other career profiles are available to BUMS graduates. Unani Medical Schools, Unani Charitable Institutions, Unani Pharmacy, Unani Medical Shop, Unani and Ayurvedic Research Institutes, Unani Consultancies, Teaching Institutes for Unani Medical System Education, Life Science Industries, and the Healthcare Community all have job openings.

Job Position