Admission in IIT based on CAT for MBA

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IIT MBA program is a CAT score-based enrollment: An implementation approach is certainly the very unique first step for MBA entry through IITs. Candidates would essentially have to apply independently at each institute in general. Strikingly, the application process is still on through IIT. Usually, January 31 is the final date to essentially extend equally in particular. IITs offer reasonably two-year MBA courses, on the whole, admissions curiously focused predominantly on cat score.


Specifically, Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT's) will typically remarkably enroll students predominantly based on the commonly standard admission test (cat) score for admission to their MBA programs, just as Indian Institutes of Management (IIM's) usually. In reality, eight IIT's, mainly typically including Bombay, Delhi, Dhanbad, Jodhpur, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras, and Roorkee, offer admissions to their actually mostly two-year MBA programs in general. As the simply truthful first step for MBA entry through IIT's, candidates would primarily have to apply independently at each institution in particular. The IIT implementation method is practically literally on. They typically the for all intents and purposes the last date of notably applying in most cases mainly is January 31.

For each IIT, the ultimately more selection process would be primarily distinct. Although this is certainly obviously close to IIM admissions, MBAs offered almost always by IIT's are mainly particularly amazingly autonomous and would in most cases have little to do with IIM's.

In reality, this year, too, almost most of the most typically top-scoring students in cat were basically from an engineering background. Of the nine candidates who actually scored 100 percentile in the cat 2020 test, all were peculiarly men, and seven were basically from the context of engineering or technology, one notably singularly from a background in mathematics and another from a background in management. Five out of 100 percentiles were definitely mostly outstandingly scored by students from the IIT's. 

At rank 2, as generally, as many as 19 applicants have practically scored an especially peculiarly overall 99.99 percentile in cat 2020, of which 18 are generally male and one female in general. Of these applicants, 16, mainly from an engineering or technology perspective, were successful in general. Specifically, a total of 1,90,144 candidates most possibly appeared naturally for Cat 2020.

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