Refund Policy

All the monetary transactions done by the user of the site is not in lieu of the payment gateway partner of stepincollege, and we cannot take any responsibility for any payment discrepancies. We not have any right to consider and review the refund case of the amount paid by the user in excess to the number of applications he has applied. Also, we have not any authority to review the college preferences as filled by the user if there is shortfall/excess of payment. Also, you are required to note your Transaction ID and receipt no. as provided by the payment gateway to furnish information or track the payment status of application form. Any pending amount to be paid by the user will need to be paid before the deadline for the application to the college has been reached. Any payment received after that may not result in acceptance of the application as a valid entry by the college. stepincollege cannot be held liable for the same and no refund will be entertained in such cases.

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