B.Sc. And LLB

Bachelor of Science + Bachelor of Legislative Law or BSc + LLB is an undergraduate course. The duration is 5 years , partitioned into ten semesters (every year two semesters). This is an essential course. This course goes past repetitive study hall learning. The time spent during this course is made intriguing by continually coordinating the contextual investigations and counterfeit court drills close by hypothetical talks. The goal of this course is to outfit the understudies with master information and a remarkable viewpoint on it. B.Sc degree some portion of the course is intended to create graduates with the key useful aptitudes and interdisciplinary information, it is generally implied for those understudies who have a solid foundation in Mathematics and the Sciences. 

The LLB is a bunch of sorted standards and guidelines under which any general public or nation is represented, It empowers the understudies to think basically in an inventive manner and concoct creative plans to handle the aforementioned lawful issues. A section level alumni from one of the top foundations can get compensation up to 1 lakh to 2 Lakhs for each month. In this calling, pay rates rely on singular practice and capacities. From this course, you can comprehend the head of science and law. This course gives a comprehension of the head of science and law. Law normally joins another course of study, for example, financial matters, business, criminology, or executives. Law assumes an imperative part in the working of a nation and jelly the common freedoms and commitments. You will learn about the arrangement of rules and guidelines under which a general public or nation is dominated. The course of BSc + LLB incorporates points like Legal Method, Law of Contract, Family Law, Business Law, and so on


Eligibility Criteria for BSc + LLB 



Admission Process for BSc + LLB


Both Entrance Exam Based and Merit-Based Admission measures are accessible for admission to the BSc + LLB course, however, Entrance based affirmation mode is more normal. 


Entrance Exams for BSc + LLB



Course Highlights for BSc + LLB




Full form

Bachelor of Science + Bachelor of Legislative Law


5 years







Average tuition fee

INR 2,00,000

Admission Process

Entrance based

Top Recruiting Companies

J Sagar Associates, Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan, Wadia Ghandy & Co, Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan, Desai & Diwanji, Economic Laws Practice, etc.

Job Positions

Science Advisor, Law reporter, Science reporter, Advocate, Notary, Professor & Teacher, Laboratory technician, etc.

Average salary

INR 6,00,000 - 8,00,000 


Skill Set for BSc + LLB Course



Clarity of speech

Ability to work long hours


Good judgment of situation/people




Interest in Research



Ability to assimilate and analyze facts

Convincing power

Good presentation skills


Subjects and Syllabus for BSc + LLB


Semester I

Semester II

Legal Method


Law of Contract-I

Law of Contract-II

English and Legal Language

Techniques of Communication, Client Interviewing & Counselling

Electronic Devices, Circuits, and IC Technology

Digital Electronics: Microprocessors and Interfaces

Concepts of Chemistry

Techniques of Chemistry

Introductory Biotechnology and Cell Biology

Tools and Techniques of Biotechnology

Biotechnology Lab.

Electronics Lab.

Electronics Lab.

Chemistry Lab.

Chemistry Lab.

Biotechnology Lab

Semester III

Semester IV

Business Law


Law of Torts and Consumer Protection

Family law-I

Family Law-II

Constitutional Law-I

Constitutional Law-II

Law of Crimes-I

Law of Crimes-II

Advocacy Skills

Administrative Law

Telecom Engineering Fundamentals, Data, and Wireless Communication

Programming Fundamentals & Data Base Management System

Polymer Chemistry

Physical Pharmacy

Genetics, Immunology and Molecular Biotechnology

Microbial Biotechnology and Fermentation Technology

Chemistry Lab.

Electronics Lab.

Electronics Lab.

Chemistry Lab.

Biotechnology Lab.

Biotechnology Lab. 

Semester V

Semester VI

Code of Civil Procedure-I

Code of Civil Procedure-II

Code of Criminal Procedure-I

Code of Criminal Procedure –II

Law of Evidence

Public International Law

Corporate Law

Investment and Competition Law


Property Law

Human Right Law


Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Information Theory, Coding, and Network Programming

Plant and Animal Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Semester VII

Semester VIII

Land Laws

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Laws and Technology

International Trade Law

Intellectual Property Right

Law, Poverty, and Development

Labour Law-I

Women & Law

Genetic Engineering and Genomics

Air & Space Law

Biotechnology Lab.

Election Law


International Commercial Law


Internet, E-Commerce, Multimedia Tools & Information System Security


Computer Lab

Semester IX

Semester X

Legal Ethics and Court Craft


Drafting, Pleading, and Conveyancing

Internship (Lawyers/Law firms)

Legal Writing and Research (Seminars and Research paper) Internal



Top Colleges for BSc + LLB: 


Sl. No.

Name of the College


National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi


Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala


Gujarat National Law University, Gandhi Nagar


National Law University, Jodhpur


Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University, Lucknow


The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata


Chanakya National Law University, Patna


Career Options and Job Prospects


B.Sc + LLB is one of the most famous vocation decisions among law understudies nowadays. Understudies with this degree can capitalize on the distinctive openings for work accessible. The business regions for graduates are the legal executive, consultancies, research firms, instructive foundations, or can even begin their own training. India has an incredible interest in gifted attorneys with a decent expert foundation.

Some of the popular employment areas after completing BSc + LLB are:




Average Annual Salary 


A legal official by and large observers legitimately restricting marks on reports, Identifying extortion or intimidation, Verifying the ID of agreement members, Administering promises, Handling affirmations, contracts, credit records, marriage declarations, and other authoritative archives, etc.

INR 3,50,000 

Law Reporter 

A Law Reporter is needed to work remotely and assist with Law related reporting and news desk coordination. Must have good copy-editing and fact-checking skills and a strong interest in the news. They can work for a specific publication or on a freelance basis.

INR 3,61,000

Government Lawyer

An administration legal advisor speaks to customers in a criminal and common suit and other lawful procedures, draw up authoritative records, and oversee or exhort customers on legitimate exchanges. May have some expertise in a solitary territory or may rehearse comprehensively in numerous zones of law.

INR 6,50,000

Civil Litigation Lawyer

Common Litigation Lawyers speak to offended parties and litigants in common claims. They deal with all periods of the suit from the examination, pleadings, and revelation through the pre-preliminary, preliminary, settlement, and allure measures.

INR 8,57,000

Legal Advisor

The legal advisor’s responsibilities comprise providing legal assistance, organizing various legal activities, completing them, creating legal documents, and advising the clients or the organization on all the relevant legal issues.

INR 5,87,000

District Court Judge

The district court judges pass jurisdictions and verdicts for the cases presented in front of the district court. 

INR 18,00,000 

Sessions Court Judge 

The sessions court judges pass jurisdictions and verdicts for the cases presented in front of the sessions court. 

INR 25,00,000

Legal Officer

The legal officer of a company handles all the legal cases, litigation, and law-related matters for the company. 

INR 10,00,000