Fee Structure of IIM MBA Updated 2021

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IIM MBA Fees Structure 2021 Updated: Over the last few years, there has been a sharp increase in IIM MBA fees. For top IIMs, such as IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, and more, check all the information about the MBA fee structure. New Delhi: For full-time MBA or PGDM programs, IIM MBA payments typically vary from Rs. 11 lakhs to Rs. 28 lakhs. Before the start of the program, each IIM publishes its fee structure in the admission policies and explicitly mentions what costs are covered in its IIM MBA fee structure.

Fee Structure of IIM MBA Updated 2021

The IIM Ahmedabad fee for the PGP program is Rs. 28 lakhs for the 2021-23 academic year, followed by IIM Calcutta with an MBA fee of Rs. 27 lakhs. The MBA fee for IIM Bangalore is Rs. 23 lakh this year. The MBA fees, on the other hand, are Rs. 11, 80,000 for the latest IIMs like IIM Trichy. This difference is noticed because the government does not finance old IIMs, while the government financially funds the current IIMs for upkeep and other expenses.

Structure of the IIM Fee: Main Components For MBA

In IIMs, there are a variety of main elements that comprise the overall MBA payments. Students are required to pay the charge semester wise because of the sumptuous fee arrangement. In the IIM fee scheme, there are a variety of costs that include academic fees, household fees, and other expenses for facilities and amenities. Below are the main components:

  • Fee for tuition
  • Content for the Course
  • A library
  • Facility for Internet
  • Computer and Notebook
  • Tours for Analysis
  • Immersion International (If applicable)
  • Charges by alumni
  • Based on a single room or double occupancy, hostel fees
  • Charges from Mess
  • Miscellaneous charges

Structure 2021 with IIM Fee: In contrast to the previous year, IIM's MBA fees increased again for admissions in 2021. Most of the IIMs have published their policy of admission in which their comprehensive fee structure has been listed. Any of the IIMs, however, have yet to report their MBA entry fees. 

Fees for IIM MBA


Program Fee (Rs.) Approx.

IIM Ahmedabad

Rs 28,00,000

IIM Bangalore

Rs. 23,00,000

IIM Calcutta

Rs. 27,00,000

IIM Lucknow

Rs. 19,25,000

IIM Indore

Rs. 16,00,000

IIM Kozhikode

Rs. 17,50,000

IIM Shillong


IIM Raipur

Rs. 14,20,400

IIM Ranchi

Rs. 15,30,000

IIM Rohtak

Rs. 15,20,000

IIM Kashipur

Rs. 7,31,500

IIM Trichy

Rs. 14,00,000

IIM Udaipur

Rs. 13,00,000

IIM Amritsar

Rs. 10,50,000

IIM Bodh Gaya

Rs 10,60,000

IIM Nagpur

Rs 13,75,000

IIM Sambalpur

Rs. 13,03,000

IIM Sirmaur

Rs 11,75,000

IIM Visakhapatnam

Rs 10,50,000

IIM Jammu

Rs. 13,80,000

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