VCs ask for the resumption of teaching

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Vice-Chancellors of all state universities in Maharashtra "unanimously" called on Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari to restart classroom teaching in universities. In a statement released by Raj Bhavan, the VCs asked the governor that they would be willing to begin classroom sessions in public institutions as early as 1 February if permission had been given.

Maharashtra: VCs ask for the resumption of teaching in the classroom varsities

The statement released disclosed that the request was made at a meeting between Koshyari and the VCs of 20 Maharashtra universities and Om Prakash Gupta, Secretary of State for Higher and Technical Education, through videoconferencing on Friday. The meeting was convened by the governor to address the new academic calendar of the universities for 2020-21, the Status of statutory audits of universities, vacancies and recruitment status of statutory positions in universities, etc.

Vice-chancellors of colleges and universities across the state today collectively demanded permission to continue classroom teaching in colleges and universities immediately. The governor said it's "ironical" that the class V to  VIII  schools students will be attending schools and for them, schools are being reopened while the universities and colleges had not yet resumed teaching in the classroom.

As mentioned by Koshyari, at a point in time when the COVID-19 pandemic is coming under control, educational institutions should look into the possibility of starting classes in batches. He added that the University Grants Commission too had laid down the procedure for opening colleges. In a statement given by  Koshyari, he instructed the higher and technical education department to fill vacant statutory positions in institutions such as the Registrar, Dean of the Faculty and Director, etc.

The VCs submitted details on their academic calendar, the status of the audit, and the vacancy of statutory positions to the governor, and told him that almost 50% of the faculty positions in universities were unoccupied.

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