JEE Main The first attempt in February

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CBSE Practical exams to be held in March and CBSE board Examination in May; February attempt will be the best for students. However after the announcement of  NTA JEE mains to be held four times in 2021, the students of the CBSE Board will be able to concentrate solely on the JEE mains in February itself. In February JEE Mains is going to be the first ambush of the year. It's followed by JEE Main in March, April and May. The reason to concentrate in February is that the student will not be under any pressure during this time.

JEE Main: The first attempt in February would be best choice for students

In March, the CBSE would have practical examinations. That's why the student has to concentrate on practicals.  The CBSE Board exams will take place in May. In this case, the student will also have to concentrate on the CBSE examination in April and May. In March, April and May, the student will be under pressure from other exams along with the JEE. Expert Dev Sharma says the students should take the February attempt absolutely.

Give your best in February attempt for JEE Main exam

Students would have a fair chance to score at the February Attempt. On the other hand, students who have completed the 12th standard can offer all four attempts without any pressure. The majority of CBSE students appear in the JEE Main. In such a scenario, students of Science, Mathematics Stream will have to face up to this dilemma. While CBSE reduced its syllabus, there was no reduction in the JEE Main syllabus.

JEE Main Admit card to be released in the second week of February

JEE Main Admit Card is expected to be issued in the second week of February. The exam will start on the 23rd February. With the admit card, the student would know the city and centre for JEE Main exam.   After the admit card is issued, if the student needs to reach the centre in another area. However, about 95% students have been allocated exam centres in their own city last year.

JEE Main Exam Centre

Nearly 9.30 lakh students have enrolled for the JEE Main form, the correction process in the JEE Main form has also been completed. Approximately 9.30 lakh students have completed the application process. Experts say that rather than just taking February exam as rehearsal, they should be giving the paper with a good preparation. This will provide a reasonable amount of time for advanced CBSE preparations.

JEE Main Exam to be conducted in regional languages too

Those who give exam in the regional language would get benefit in case of the Center of Main exam, they will get exam centre in their respective states. JEE Main is being conducted in regional languages for the first time this year. The Center may be assigned to those who provide the papers in Hindi and the English medium.

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