B.Ed holders can also apply in Level-1 REET exam

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High court verdict on REET: B.Ed holders will also be eligible to apply to Level-1, after the final decision, the applicants will know whether they can sit in the exam.At the moment, candidates can only apply; the decision to sit the test will be subject to the decision of the petition. The Rajasthan High Court also allowed candidates holding B.Ed. Degree to join the REET Exam Level 1. The court also noted, however, that such candidates will apply at this time, but whether or not they will be eligible to take part in the examination will be known only after the final decision of the court.


The High Court issued this important order on Friday at the hearing of the case concerning the Teacher Recruitment Review 2021 (REET). The High Court directed the State Government to extend the time limit for the application of REET to B.Ed. Skilled REET Level 1 candidates. Interested applicants will be eligible to apply, but their review will be subject to the judgement of the petition. The next hearing of this case will be held on 19 February. High Court has asked the answer from NCTE, in compliance with the rules of the National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE), B.Ed eligible candidates may only qualify for a Level 2 test. While in Level-1, only BSTC candidates can apply. This decision was challenged by some of the BEd applicants in the High Court. Chief Justice Inderjit Mahanti and Judge Manoj Kumar Garg heard the case on Friday.

After hearing all the parties involved in the case, the bench asked the NCTE to respond. NCTE needed some time to respond. After hearing all the parties, the Bank ordered the State Government to extend the date of the REET review submission. The B.Ed eligible candidates may also apply for Level-1. He also added that B.Ed holder applicants would only be eligible to apply at this time. Their applications will be subject to the decision of the petition.

According to the report of the Board of Secondary Education February 4 was the last date of registration for the recruitment of Rajasthan Eligibility Test for Teachers was until 12 p.m. on Thursday night. At that hearing, AG MS Singhvi confirmed to the court that the board had entered the date of registration on 19 February. Now any candidate who has not completed the form can apply. In this regard, the Court ordered the petitioners to issue an exception to the first level by 19 February.The Government has not implemented the revised guideline At the hearing, the petitioner Raghunandan Sharma, Rampratap Saini, argued that the NCTE had updated its guideline of 23 August 2010 in February 2018 to provide B.Ed. holders with the first stage of the teacher eligibility test. It's also included. However, ignoring the updated guidelines, the government released a release on 23 August 2010 in compliance with the NCTE guidelines, which is incorrect.

Since REET recruitment should be carried out in compliance with the latest NCTE guidelines. At the same time, the NCTE guideline states that the holders of B.Ed may apply for both levels in the recruitment test.

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