Delhi govt collaborate with IITs

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Delhi govt to collaborate with IITs, TERI for monitoring of pollution sources: On Tuesday, Chief Minister of the Delhi Region Arvind Kejriwal said his government collaborates with the IITs and environmental think tank TERI in Kanpur and Delhi to control pollution sources in the national capital in real-time. A meeting between Kejriwal and the IIT experts and TERI agreed to collaborate with research teams and start a real-time source allocation project in Delhi, as well as to develop an integrated real-time pollution monitoring system.

Delhi govt collaborate with IITs, TERI

Chief Minister Tweets: The Chief Minister said in a tweet, "IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, and TERI developed real-time pollution distribution technologies and will meet experts and collaborate with them to integrate these into their work in Delhi. "Actual surveillance of pollution sources would help the Government of Delhi take urgent steps to tackle these sources. Kejriwal ordered senior officials to work on this issue and to send to the Cabinet a recommendation on it. The job will start swinging in full after clearing from the cabinet." an official statement said. Kejriwal directed senior officials to work on this issue and to submit a proposal to the cabinet in this regard.

Kejriwal’s official statement: The Delhi administration will create a super-site and a smartphone site to figure out in real-time the causes of emissions at a specific hotspot under this initiative. Firstly, the Government of Delhi will pilot the job of these devices on a super site and mobile site of the emission hotspots. The findings will be studied and the work will be carried out after one month. This will take place under the leadership of IIT-Kanpur Prof. Mukesh Sharma," Kejriwal said in an official statement.

It says that the Government of Delhi will be the first in Delhi to use this technology to classify emission sources in real-time. "To this end, the Delhi government has launched an electric car policy and is also running the 'Delhi Switch' campaign to encourage the citizens of Delhi to move from fuel polluting cars to e-commerce," said the release. "In order to minimize air emissions and enhance air quality, the government in Delhi commits itself."

Kejriwal was pleased with the submission of IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, and TERI researchers, according to the Delhi government. The Delhi Government has proposed to put in place these innovative strategies to research real-time sources of emissions before the Cabinet, after which the procedure begins," he said. "All developments will be investigated by the government in Delhi." The Chief Minister reiterated his government's pledge to minimize air pollution and in recent years several measures were initiated to achieve that target.

The new technologies will allow the Delhi government now to recognize the sources of emissions in Real-Time and take measures to complete these sources, says the release. "This involves the electric vehicle program, which is perceived to be India's most aggressive policy. The demonstration reveals that this technology will explain the causes of air quality increase in a single spot and will also aid in the investigation of the real-time impact of cars, pollution, and smoke from the factories.

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