AICTE: Maths and Physics not compulsory for engineering

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Mathematics and Physics are no longer needed for Engineering Aspirants, according to the AICTE approval process handbook 2021-22. Students must choose three mandatory subjects from the following list.

Maths and Physics not required for engineering: AICTE

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) recently published its approval process handbook for the years 2021-22. The eligibility requirements for UG admissions have been updated, according to the AICTE handbook. Mathematics and Physics are no longer needed in Class 12 for Engineering students.

Admission to undergraduate engineering programs, such as B.E./B. Tech. currently includes class 12 mathematics and physics. Physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, computer science, electronics, IT, knowledge practices, technical vocational subject, biotechnology, agriculture, business studies, engineering graphics, and entrepreneurship are now available to students.

The following are some of the most important points from the AICTE approval process handbook 2021-22:

  • Mathematics and physics in class 12 are not needed for engineering entry.
  • Students must choose one of the three subjects from the above list.
  • To pass class 12, students from the unreserved category must achieve a score of 45 percent, while students from the reserved category must achieve a score of 40 percent.
  • Engineering universities will offer bridge courses in mathematics, physics, and engineering drawing.

According to the chairman of the AICTE, "While it is not a choice, the engineering discipline's subject options have been extended. Similarly, different mandatory courses will be required for various disciplines ".

Various new courses, such as data science and artificial intelligence, would, according to education experts, necessitate a strong understanding of mathematics. As a result, the AICTE must reconsider the changes made to the approval process handbook 2021-22.

Scholars have slammed this decision, arguing that mathematics is the base of all engineering degrees. “The Bridge Course is a math supplement designed for students who are having difficulty with the subject. SASTRA University Vice President S Vaidhyasubramaniam said, "It cannot replace the basic course of higher and secondary mathematics."

Almost every program in the AICTE's engineering program model curriculum involves mathematics until the fifth semester. “Mathematics and physics should be expected in all engineering courses,” he continued.”

However, AICTE Chairman Anil D Sahaslavde told the TOI that "the three necessary courses required as input to engineering education can differ in different disciplines due to the expanded selection of the three prerequisite courses for engineering education"

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