Delhi government releasing Rs 28.24 crores for DU college staff salaries, Arvind Kejriwal declared

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Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal declared on Tuesday that the Delhi government would release funds totaling Rs 28.24 crore for salaries of workers at Delhi University colleges that it funds. He stated that in the future, they will only be released in response to court orders deciding whether the funds, which are already available under various headings, can be used for wages or not.

Delhi government releasing Rs 28.24 crores for DU college staff salaries

On Tuesday, the Chief Minister met with the principals and chairs of the Delhi government's 12 fully funded DU colleges. "The funds, totaling Rs 28.24 crore, will be released by the Delhi government." Funds can only be released in the future if the court determines that the funds already available under various heads should be used for wages. The Delhi government will release the funds so that teaching staff and colleges are not harmed while the case is being resolved in court "At the meeting, the CM said.

"On behalf of Manish Sisodia's office, the government will extend an invitation to the vice-chancellor to meet with him to discuss pending issues and concerns." Mr. Sisodia also said that the 12 fully funded colleges must have faith in the Delhi government and be fully funded by the Delhi government in both letter and spirit.

It is an unfair and impractical approach to claim funds from one entity while following the Pattern Of Assistance (POA) of another, he said, adding that their accounts and budgets should be completely transparent in order to bridge the gap between the Delhi government and Delhi University. The meeting was attended by Delhi government officials, including the secretary and principal secretary for the Department of Higher Education, as well as college principals and AOs (account officers) from the 12 schools.

"For the past few days, I've been reading news reports that the teaching staff at DU colleges is not being compensated. Our government is well-known in Delhi for its efforts to develop the education and health sectors. However, there has been an unjustified confusion and misinterpretation of the Delhi government's intentions." I'd like to make it clear to all of the distinguished guests in this meeting that we are on the same side of the table.

We do not disagree with the staff's pleas and concerns. We have attempted to start talks with the DU authorities and the VC for the past few years, but there may have been political and other differences "he said Manish Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister, raised some administrative questions regarding the Delhi government's ability to release funds. "I've approved funds for various colleges for various project proposals for the past five years.

On behalf of our constituent colleges, complete accountability is needed. We are willing to completely support all of the colleges that fall under our jurisdiction, regardless of the funding sources. "The colleges must have confidence in the Delhi government, and the Delhi government must completely support them in both letter and spirit."If you act in a transparent manner, the Delhi government is willing to provide funds in a transparent manner. All should be accounted for in their financial statements and budgets "he said Mr. Sisodia said that since these institutes are entirely funded by the Delhi government, the Delhi government's Pattern Of Assistance must be followed.

"Bills are not sent to the government by colleges." "Since the Delhi government pays their wages and expenses, colleges must get permission from the Delhi government before recruiting employees." "For example, the Delhi government does not have any records of staff recruitment prior to 2010, but we are required to pay teaching staff salaries regardless." If that doesn't happen, the Delhi University's strategy would seem unrealistic and unjust," he added.

Mr. Sisodia also said that the Governing Bodies act as a link between Delhi University and the Delhi government, and that "we cannot destroy them." "They should be given more time as soon as possible. Fourth, there have been delays in the issuance of the Utilization Certificate (UC), which should be removed in order for officials to work efficiently and release funds as quickly as possible "he said

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