Ph.D. Information Technology at Amity University, Jaipur, Syllabus, Fees

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Ph.D. Information Technology at Amity University, Jaipur 


Ph.D. IT is a research-based doctoral program that usually lasts 3 years but may be extended up to five years. The Ph.D. IT program covers all aspects of the field of information technology. It covers topics such as data analysis, database management, and operating systems, among others. Ph.D. IT is one of the highest degrees available at any university to someone who has completed a postgraduate or master's degree in the same field. After earning a master's degree in computer science, electronics, and technology, or industry, most candidates pursue a Ph.D. in IT. It is a branch of engineering that focuses on data science, computer programming, and predictive analytics.

Ph.D. IT is a 3-year program in which the applicant is supposed to finish his or her thesis by the end of the program. The applicant can, however, apply for an SRF (Senior research fellowship) to prolong the term for another two years, giving him or her more time to complete his or her research or specialize further. Ph.D. IT focuses on topics such as programming, website management, database management, and so on. It is a course that is focused on analysis. As a result, it would entail study in some of the major information technology domains.

This course is for applicants who want to work as a data analyst, a coding expert, a management consultant, or who want to start their own business as an executive or enter management roles in top-tier firms. Ph.D. IT students learn programming skills, data processing skills, telecommunications skills, statistics skills, strategic problem-solving skills, Microsoft office practical working models, data analysis skills, and information presentation skills in graphical modalities and schematics. Candidates for Ph.D. IT must have completed a Master's degree in Information Technology or Computer Science from a recognized institute or university. This degree is designed for applicants who want to pursue a career in information technology, software development, analysis, or data science.


Eligibility Criteria for Ph.D. IT

Master's degree in the same sector from any accredited Indian or foreign university with a minimum of 55 percent marks or grade point average.


Eligibility Criteria for Ph.D. IT (Part-Time)

Master's degree in the same sector from any accredited Indian or foreign university with a minimum of 55 percent marks or grade point average.


Selection Process for Ph.D. IT

Candidates who have passed the UGC NET / CSIR / ICAR (ASRB) / GPAT / ICMR / GATE in the previous two years are excluded from the written exam.


Selection Process for Ph.D. IT (Part-Time)

Candidates who have passed the UGC NET / CSIR / ICAR (ASRB) / GPAT / ICMR / GATE in the previous two years are excluded from the written exam.


Duration for Ph.D. IT

It will take 3 years to complete this course.


Duration for Ph.D. IT (Part-Time)

It will take 4.5 years to complete this course.


Program Fee for Ph.D. IT



Program Fee for Ph.D. IT (Part-Time)



Course Curriculum Syllabus for Ph.D. IT

Semester 1

Research Methodology

Review of Published Research Work

Research & Publication Ethics

Application of computer science

Wireless Communication Networks and Research Approach


Lab for Computers

Amity Institute of Information Technology and Amity School of Engineering all have computer laboratories with the most up-to-date configurations of computer systems and applications. The emphasis is on practical training in order to develop the student's programming skills and application-oriented approach. Tech labs cover a wide range of computer science topics, including programming, database management, computer networking, and website design, to name a few.


Amity University’s Labs: 

Amity University has world-class lab facilities in engineering, biotechnology, mass media, architecture, fashion technology, and hotel management, among other fields. Students work with cutting-edge computers under the supervision of a knowledgeable and professional faculty. A cutting-edge TV studio and a cutting-edge video editing facility are among the laboratories at Amity School of Communication. The TV Studio is equipped with high-end digital and video cameras, a teleprompter, professional studio lighting, chroma screen, mixing and video editing units, and applications like Final Cut Pro to record news bulletins, produce newscasts, documentaries, and even feature films.


Engineering Laboratory

The Department of CSE & IT's Robotics Automation and Internet of Things Laboratory has begun research and development in the fields of robotics, automation, and the Internet of Things in order to assist students in realizing their research potential and putting their creative ideas and projects into motion (RAIOT Lab). The 17 DOF Humanoid, Home Automation System, Quadcopter, Kick O' Wheelz: An Automation Powered Gaming Console, and other projects have been completed by the RAIOT lab.

This equipment is given to students as part of their daily course in order for them to make films and photograph features. The campus's entire network, including the library and hostels, is linked by the Local Area Network. Wireless internet access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a data transfer rate of 100 Mbps. Each lab has an online UPS to ensure that power is accessible at all times. The Open Learning Area (OLA) is a dedicated meeting and networking space for students. It covers topics such as educational technology advances, interactive media experiences, 2D/3D visual experiments, open lectures, and more. In the OLA, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is encouraged.


Job Prospects & Career Options for Ph.D. IT

The following sections address the different career opportunities available to Ph.D. IT applicants. Any applicant who has completed a Ph.D. in information technology is entitled to work as a lecturer or professor at any reputable university or institute. This course piques the candidate's interest in doing a thorough research and, as a result, becoming a data scientist. Ph.D. IT candidates will find work at a variety of multinational corporations, banks, insurance agencies, large corporations, startups, and government and private sector firms.


Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Reliance, Nokia, HCL, HP, Dell, Deloitte, TCS, Capgemini, among other industries such as Wipro, Philips, Whirlpool, Hindustan, Indian Oil, Infosys, KPMG, PwC, EY, Goldman Sachs, among others are among the top tech companies and brands. Apart from that, banks such as HDFC and ICICI hire Ph.D. IT candidates from all of India's major universities.


Salary standards differ depending on the recruiter's status and the employee's work profile. However, the initial salary could range from INR 4,00,000 to INR 20,00,000 per annum on average.


Fellowships at the Amity Science, Technology, and Innovation Foundation (ASTIF)

The Amity Science, Technology & Innovation Foundation (ASTIF) grants Fellowships to brilliant young scholars and scientists as part of its Nation Building activities. Fellowships are available in all disciplines and there is no limit on the number of people who may apply. For more information, go to


Fellowship Eligibility for Ph.D.

The applicant must have a perfect academic record up to and including a Master's Degree from a reputable college or university. Only those applicants who have not earned a fellowship from another organization and who have made significant progress in their research work since enrolling in Amity's Ph.D. program will be considered for the ASTIF Fellowship.


Institute: Amity School of Engineering and Technology

ASET, which shares these beliefs, is committed to providing intellectual rigor and a dynamic learning environment for the holistic development of technology leaders. The way we live has changed as a result of technological advancements. People from different cultures and backgrounds are becoming closer as a result of technological advancements. Technology has made its way into our lives to help us live better lives. It has aided people in achieving feats previously unimaginable. Scientists and technocrats worked tirelessly to create an atmosphere conducive to learning and living with modern engineering, which allowed for these advancements.

The Amity School of Engineering and Technology (ASET) was established in 2007 and offers a wide range of programs, including modern engineering and technical courses on a wide range of engineering and technological topics. Computer science and engineering, information technology, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, communications and communication engineering, and electronics and electrical engineering, as well as new streams like solar and renewable energy, are all available at ASET. In a variety of disciplines, ASET offers undergraduate and doctoral programs.

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