B.A. Hons. Economics Course at Amity University Jaipur, Admission Process, Eligibility

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B.A. Hons Economics Course at Amity University, Jaipur 


BA (Hons) Economics is one of the most common commerce, banking, and finance courses offered in Indian educational institutions. The 3-year undergraduate economics honors program is structured to help students understand the inner workings of different economic structures. Students studying BA (Hons) Economics will gain a better understanding of how financial and non-financial resources are produced, how they are distributed efficiently, how to conserve limited resources, and how to systematically assign funds or resources in accordance with socio-economic policies and frameworks to provide sustainable and effective solutions to issues. Economics Bachelor's Degree Students with such knowledge and skills may contribute to the development of a community, a country, or even a business or organization. Professionals with a strong understanding of various bodies' economic status are critical to an organization's overall growth.

The course is ideally suited to students interested in pursuing a career in economics. This will be useful in future career programs such as MBA and the like, where one can develop oneself as an entrepreneur with a thorough understanding of the economy and how it operates. It is a branch of sociology that studies the economy as a whole, including its production, consumption, and distribution of various goods and services. A bachelor's degree in economics with honors entails a thorough examination of both macro and microeconomics.

The meaning, scope, limitations, principles, utility, output, market, and another major/minor aspects of economics are all covered in this course. It teaches them to not only study in-depth but also to scrutinize and analyze the various facets of an economy's operation. The course is not limited to the Indian economy; it also includes foreign markets, giving it a global reach in terms of career options.

The curriculum has been developed to provide qualifying applicants with a rigorous course that delves into the complexities of both Indian and global economics. The concepts, scale, limits, markets, customers, producers, and distribution of products and services within an economy are all covered in a BA Hons in Economics. The micro aspects of an economy are taken into account in addition to the macro aspects. Students learn to think critically and solve problems. As a result, it prepares them for a variety of jobs in commerce and finance. They may have become entrepreneurs with a working knowledge of the economy's production, consumption, and distribution.


Eligibility Criteria for BA Hons Economics

To be eligible, applicants must have earned a minimum of 55% with Maths/Eco in their 10+2 from a recognized board.


Selection Proces for BA Hons Economics

Personal Interview with a Merit-Based English Language Test


Program Fee for BA Hons Economics

1st Year Non Sponsored Semester Fee: 50,000


Duration for BA Hons Economics

It will take 3 years to complete this program.


Course Curriculum Syllabus for BA Hons Economics

Semester 1

Semester 2

Micro Economics I

Micro Economics - II

Mathematics for Economics – I


Macro Economics-I

Mathematics for Economics-II


Macro Economics-II

Behavioural Science I (Understanding Self for Effectiveness)

English II

English I

Behavioural Science – II (Problem Solving and Creative Thinking)

Law and Economics

Environment Studies

Economic History of India

Political Economy

An Introduction to Political Theory

Agriculture Economics









Semester 3

Semester 4

Statistics for Economics- I

Statistics for Economics- II

Microeconomics – III

Development Economics – I

Macroeconomics – III

Game Theory

Indian Economy – I

Indian Economy – II

Communication Skill I

Communication Skills II

Behavioral Science III

Behavioral Science-IV

Economics of Health and Education

Public Economics

Financial Economics

History of Economic Thought









Semester 5

Semester 6

Econometrics – I

Econometrics – II

Behavioral Economics

Data Analytics

Development Economics – II

International Economics

Academic Writing


Summer Internship

Financial Market and Institutions

Communication Skills III

Environmental Economics

Behavioral Science-V

Entrepreneurship Development

Readings in Economics


Labour Economics


Industrial Organisation











Scholarship Eligibility for BA Hons Economics

Applicants must meet any of the following criteria in order to be considered for a scholarship.


Eligibility for a Scholarship at 100%: 93 percent or higher in the aggregate in CBSE or ISC Board Class XII-2021/2020 (excluding Physical Education/ Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ Vocational/ Non-Written Subjects).


Eligibility for a Scholarship at 50%: 88 percent or higher in aggregate in CBSE or ISC Board Class XII-2021/2020 (excluding Physical Education/ Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ Vocational/ Non-Written Subjects).


Eligibility for a Scholarship 25%: In CBSE or ISC Board Class XII-2021/2020, 75 percent or higher in aggregate (excluding Physical Education/ Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ Vocational/ Non-Written Subjects).


Career Option and Job Opportunities for BA Hons Economics

The job opportunities for BA (Hons) Economics graduates are one of the most appealing aspects of the course. Aspirants from all over the country are preparing to enroll in the course in order to create a lucrative and secure career path for themselves. Graduates with a BA (Hons) Economics degree from any of India's colleges would have access to a variety of job opportunities. In order to succeed and flourish in the field of economics, candidates must possess analytical, logical, and problem-solving skills. In the field of economics, hard work and diligence are valued alongside connectivity, coding, numeracy, and time management. As a result, it will not only provide theoretical knowledge to students but also hone their skills that are needed to stay in the industry, in addition to the theoretical knowledge. In job positions such as Sales Analyst, Economics Researcher, Economist, Customer Profit Analyst, Investment Analyst, and Investment Administrator, such professionals are assets to companies such as the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Reserve Bank of India, The Planning Commission of India, National Sample Survey, The Indian Economic Service, and others. They may also work for companies like analysis/forecasting firms, stock exchanges, manufacturing firms, agricultural firms, financial information firms, banks/credit unions, and international trade firms, among others.

Employment Area:

  • Finance and Banking Sector
  • Trade Markets
  • Import and Export Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Government Economics Department / Public Service Commission
  • Agriculture Sector
  • Commerce Sector

Job Profile

  • Economists
  • Sales Executive
  • Budget Analyst
  • Investment Analyst
  • Operations Manager
  • Personal Financial Consultant
  • Corporate and Financial Analyst
  • Marketing Manager



ASL graduates are highly qualified, experienced, and sought after by a variety of academic and corporate sectors. ASL graduates have been hired as content authors, translators, and instructors, among other positions. In order to transform vision into practice, the institute aims to create the right environment and strike a balance between imagination and information dissemination.

With the help of specialist institutions, we hope to train the brightest minds to contribute to nation-building through their skill sets. Several notable organizations have successfully put our students. Through the initiatives and activities of the Placement Cell, ASL's contribution to grooming knowledgeable practitioners in the fields of language, literature, and culture studies finds meaning and speech.


Top Recruiters

  • Vidhiaagaz
  • Direct Dialogue
  • Vervelogic
  • ACF
  • Times
  • Indian Institute of Code Network & Security
  • Collegedunia
  • Phia


Career at ASLA

Amity Education Group is India's largest educational conglomerate, with campuses spanning 1,200 acres and including nine world-class universities in Delhi-NCR, Lucknow, Jaipur, Gwalior, Mumbai, Raipur, Ranchi, and Kolkata; 25 colleges; over 150 top-ranked institutions; 15 global business schools across India; and 12 international campuses in the United Kingdom, the United States, China, the United Arab Emirates, Romania, Amsterdam, and South Africa.

Over 1,50,000 students are enrolled in over 300 programs at the Group. Amity University's campuses were created by an Act of the State Legislature and are recognized by the UGC, as well as receiving a NAAC grade of "A." It is one of India's first universities to be accredited by ASIC in the United Kingdom and listed on the UN's list of Global Universities.

The Government of India's Department of Science and Technology recognizes Amity University as a scientific and research institution. Amity has earned several international accolades, including ‘Premier' status accreditation from ASIC in the United Kingdom; accreditation from the ACBSP in the United States; accreditation from the IET in the United Kingdom; and accreditation from the Bar Council of India, Council of Architecture, National Council of Teachers Education, Pharmacy Council of India, and Rehabilitation Council of India. Amity University has been ranked among the top universities in Asia for the past two years by the British Quacquarellin Symonds (QS) and is the only university from India to make the list. ASL is looking for extremely talented and driven people who have a proven track record of high-quality research and a deep dedication to teaching.


ASLA: Amity School Of Liberal Arts

Amity University offers a variety of excellent academic programs, with Liberal Arts being one of the most common. What are liberal arts, exactly? The European Science Foundation provides a clear definition: the liberal arts are those topics that study and describe human beings. This can be done in a number of ways, from understanding how minds operate to understanding how communities function as a whole. It is one of the world's oldest disciplines. It is a method of education that enables an individual to better prepare for the opportunities and challenges of everyday life. It offers a diverse selection of courses, including Political Science, Economics, History, and Philosophy, to name a few. Undergraduate courses in Political Science, Economics, History, and Philosophy are currently taught at Amity University, with several more new subjects on the horizon, such as Sociology, Geography, and others, as well as Masters in all disciplines to be launched soon. As we have Honors courses, it provides specialized knowledge and understanding to the students.

Career variety Fields: Students will pursue careers in a variety of fields by studying Liberal Arts, including the Indian Administrative Services (IAS), State Administrative Services (PCS), Combined Defense Services (CDS), and other competitive exams, higher education teaching, and research, the United Nations, Amnesty International, various positions in journalism, Social Work, Economist, Financial Analyst, Archeologist, Museulogist, and Me. The aim of the course is to improve leadership skills in students so that they can lead effectively once they enter the real world.


Institute's Benefits

  • Throughout the semester, ASLA hosts monthly invited Guest Lectures and workshops for its students to add value to their classroom learning.


Visits for collaboration and training

  • ASLA has partnered with Arizona State University in the United States and Wilfred Laurier University in Canada to provide international recognition and opportunities for students to engage with international students and faculty.


Credit System with Several Options

  • Department Electives are available to ASLA students via a choice-based credit scheme.
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