Bachelor of Fine Arts Course at Amity University Jaipur, Course Curriculum & Syllabus

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Bachelor of Fine Arts Course at Amity University, Jaipur


The Bachelor of Fine Arts, or BFA, is a 4-year undergraduate program that teaches students about different facets of the visual and performing arts. BFA students learn the fundamentals of visual arts as well as other fine arts subjects. BFA is a technical foundation program that prepares students for a variety of innovative careers after graduation. The Bachelor of Fine Arts, or BFA, is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the visual and performing arts. The course is also known as a Bachelor of Visual Arts, and the study of Visual Arts involves subjects including painting, sculpture, illustration, literature, and animation, among others. The study of Performing Arts, on the other hand, includes subjects such as dance, theatre, and music. A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree often allows the applicant to choose a specialization field based on his or her interests. A BFA program not only educates but also reforms candidates' skills, allowing them to become artists in their chosen area. Fine arts graduates have a wide range of career options, including art teacher, editor, fine artist, actor, art director, and many others. Many students nowadays choose a career in Fine Arts not only to earn a high salary but also to achieve fame and reputation. Aspirants should specialize in subjects that will not only improve their skills and fine-tune their creativity but will also give them the opportunity to explore a variety of choices.


Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor Fine Arts

To be eligible, applicants must have earned a minimum of 55% in their 10+2 from a recognized board.


Selection Proces for BFA

Personal Interview with a Merit-Based English Language Test


Program Fee for Bachelor Fine Arts

1st Year Non Sponsored Semester Fee: 35,000


Duration for Bachelor Fine Arts

This curriculum will take 4 years to complete.


Course Curriculum Syllabus for BFA


Semester 1

Semester 2

Sculpture - I

Environmental Studies

Print Making - I

Still Life– II

History of Art - I

Fundamentals of Fine Arts – II

Still Life - I

Graphic Design [2D & 3D Design]- II

Fundamentals of Fine Arts - I


Graphic Design [2D & 3D Design]- I


Painting - I


English - I




Behavioural Science I (Understanding Self for Effectiveness)


Digital Art -I

Behavioural Science – II (Problem Solving and Creative Thinking)

Cartoon Making – I

Digital Art -II


Cartoon Making -II









Semester 3

Semester 4

History of Art - III

Summer Assignment (Evaluation)

Aesthetics - I

History of Art - IV

Communication Skills - I

Aesthetics - II

Behavioral Science – III

Life Study Drawing


Behavioral Science - IV

Summer Assignment-(Evaluation)

Communication Skills - II

Drawing - III

Drawing- IV

Painting - III

Painting - IV

Composition - I

Composition – II

Print Making - III

Print Making – IV

Painting Methods & Materials - I

Painting Methods & Materials –II

Drawing and Illustration – I

Illustration- II

Design - III

Design - IV

Lettering & Typography - I

Lettering & Typography - II

Computer Graphics - I

Computer Graphics - II

Advertising Theory-I

Advertising Theory - II

Life Study - I

Composition – II

Ceramics - I

Ceramics – II

Wood Carving - I

Wood Carving – II

Sculpture Methods & Materials - I


Composition - I

Sculpture Methods & Materials – II









Semester 5

Semester 6

Practical Training-I(Evaluation)

Exhibition-Display Design & Stagecraft



History of Art - V

History of Art – VI

Aesthetics - III

Aesthetics – IV

Communication Skills - III

Behavioral Science – II

Behavioural Science - V

Communication Skills – I

Painting Methods & Materials - III

Painting Methods & Materials - IV

Painting - V

Composition – IV

Drawing – V

Mural- VI

Mural – V

Print Making - VI

Composition – III

Painting - VI

Design – V

Packaging II

Packaging – I

Computer Graphics – IV

Computer Graphics – III

Illustration – IV

Advertising Theory – III

Design – VI

Drawing and Illustration – III

Advertising Theory – IV

Life Study –III

Sculpture Methods & Materials - IV

Metal Casting – I

Ceramics - IV

Ceramics – III

Composition - IV

Sculpture Methods & Materials – III

Metal Casting – II

Composition - III










Semester 7

Semester 8

Aesthetics - V

Portfolio Development & Presentation(Internship)

History of Art - VII

Portfolio Development & Presentation (Internship)

Communication Skills - I

Portfolio Development & Presentation (Internship)

Behavioral Science – II


Practical Training-II (Evaluation)


Assemblage Art Work


Painting Methods & Materials - V


Drawing - VII


Painting - VII


Mural - VII


Composition – V


Illustration – V


Design – VII


Packaging – III


Computer Graphics – V


Advertising Theory – V


Life Study – V


Composition – V


Metal Casting – III


Ceramics – V


Sculpture Methods & Materials – V











Amity School Fine Arts Infrastructure

Amity Jaipur's classrooms are all spacious, air-conditioned, and most are built in the Amphitheatre style. They provide the best conditions for energizing and concentrated discussions. Amity Jaipur's classrooms are built to bring thought and action together, with interactive audio-visual teaching aids for lectures and presentations.

Amity School of Arts has infrastructure facilities that include studios, labs, and recreational areas, as well as the Administrative Block, Computer Centers, and studio-cum-workshops for Ceramics, clay sculpting, Tile Mural, Weaving and Printmaking, Life Study, Still Life Study, and other disciplines. Students have access to amenities and services such as a canteen, an art supply store, and sports/games (both indoor and outdoor).


Scholarship Eligibility for BFA

To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants must meet one or more of the following requirements.


Eligibility for a Scholarship at 100%: 93 percent or higher in the aggregate in CBSE or ISC Board Class XII-2021/2020 (excluding Physical Education/ Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ Vocational/ Non-Written Subjects).


Eligibility for a Scholarship at 50%: 88 percent or higher in aggregate in CBSE or ISC Board Class XII-2021/2020 (excluding Physical Education/ Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ Vocational/ Non-Written Subjects).


Eligibility for a Scholarship 25%: In CBSE or ISC Board Class XII-2021/2020, 75 percent or higher in aggregate (excluding Physical Education/ Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ Vocational/ Non-Written Subjects).


Career Option and Job Opportunities for Bachelor Fine Arts

After completing the BFA program, the majority of students pursue further education or seek jobs. The majority of BFA employees are in the arts and entertainment industry. A BFA graduate will work in media houses, marketing agencies, movies, the music industry, art galleries, magazines, schools, and colleges, among other places. Depending on the specialty chosen, BFA students have access to a variety of work opportunities. Artist, Graphic Designer, Art Director, Musician, Actor, Visual Artist, Screenplay Writer, Animator, Cartoonist, and other professions are available. On the basis of the student's capacity, the following is a list of potential prominent possible careers:-



Top Recruiters ASFA

  • MateBiz
  • JKK
  • WebRoads
  • OGEN
  • Webpluse



Amity School of Fine Arts: Amity University offers a variety of excellent academic programs, with Fine Arts taking center stage. AMITY SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS was established in 2011 to provide advanced training in the visual arts, leading to a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting, applied arts, and sculpture, as well as a two-year Master of Fine Arts degree in the same disciplines. These activities are tailored to the individual's needs and speech through one-on-one instruction, demonstrations, live experiments, research tours, outdoor sketching, still life study, daily practice, and exhibits. It provides students with advanced expertise and understanding.

Aim: “The aim of art is to cleanse our souls of the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso is a well-known artist. Art is the manifestation or application of a person's artistic abilities, imagination, emotions, desires, and intuitions. It's the exchange of personal concepts and ideas that can't be adequately expressed by words alone. It is one of the world's most common and oldest disciplines. Amity University's Art Department is located in Block E, which is surrounded by lush greenery. The welcoming atmosphere of transparency and independence is complemented by well-equipped studios. Practical studio practice, analysis of prescribed theory topics, and research in specific fields are prioritized. Students are learning how to be more self-assured and articulate. We immerse students in intensive theoretical and practical teaching and training, as well as extensive field experience, in order to improve analytical skills and practical knowledge of the course.

The Objective: Through artistic practice, research, liberal education, and public engagement, the School of Fine Arts at Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur educates students and the general public in the visual arts and serves as a cultural center for the campus and the surrounding area.

Visions: The School of Fine Arts will educate and build throughout the university, as well as the local, regional, and global communities, through:

  • Exploration of the Mind: By valuing the transferrable skills gained through a fine arts education in both curricular and extracurricular environments, as well as encouraging creative activity, artistic and academic discovery, and critical thinking, all of which are essential to society's advancement.
  • Education that is cross-disciplinary: By successfully implementing the liberal education curriculum, creating interdisciplinary curricula across the School of Fine Arts and across campus, and fostering an atmosphere that incorporates the full landscape of learning.
  • Public Participation: By allowing students, faculty, and staff to participate in public engagement activities and enhancing collaborations with our local and regional communities through exhibits, seminars, and presentations, for example.
  • Experiential Learning: Become an intercultural catalyst in the local community, the region, and around the world through creating long-term global partnerships and study abroad programs that engage a diverse range of cultures.


Institution’s Strength

  • Amity’s first asset is supportive and competent faculty. Teaching art is a type of art in and of itself. To learn Fine Art, you'll need a strong and committed instructor. The teaching technique course curriculum at Amity School of Art is highly regarded. ASFA claims that the skills and portfolio should speak for themselves.
  • Infrastructure and studios
  • An ideal environment for an artist is one that is green and calm.
  • Studios and laboratories are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Life at Amity School of Fine Arts


Amity School of Fashion Technology fosters individual talents and offers opportunities in the form of numerous club events that are entirely run by students. These events on campus help students demonstrate innovation and gain recognition, which creates morale and prepares them to face a variety of challenges in the wider world. Amity School of Fashion Technology, which has students from all over the world, provides world-class education as well as the opportunity to experience cultural diversity.

Amity University's annual festival, "ODESSEY," is a much-anticipated event held on campus every year. The theme of this year's event was the intersection of cultural, social, and literary club events. Design contests, Personality Development Workshops, Street Plays, Debates, Fashion Shows, Celebrity Performances, Cultural Programs, and many others are among the events in which ASFT students regularly participate.


Visit the Industry: ASFT arranges a variety of industrial tours for students in order to provide training and hands-on experience. Students learn about industrial practice through these exposure visits.


Workshops, guest lectures, and fashion shows are all available: Education isn't just about textbooks and syllabi; there are a variety of other fun ways to learn outside of the classroom that will help students advance in their personal and professional lives. ASFT hosted a number of workshops and guest lectures to enable students to network with professionals.


Advantage of Amity School Fine Arts

Throughout the semester, ASFA hosts frequent Group and Solo Exhibitions, Guest Lectures, and seminars for its students to supplement their classroom learning. Institute benefits include, for example, a startup cell, and professional development program, seminars, and training, among others.

Every semester, organize and participate in conferences, exhibits, and seminars.

Visits for collaboration and training: Kalaneri Art Gallery, Jaipur, is a promotional collaborator with the Sculpture Park at Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur.

Credit framework based on choice: Yes, indeed.

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