Bachelor of Hotel Management Course at Amity University, Jaipur, Placements, Fees

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Bachelor of Hotel Management Course at Amity University, Jaipur


A bachelor's degree in hotel management is available at the undergraduate level. The Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) program is a 4-year undergraduate program in hotel management. It disseminates information about the various skills and fundamentals of hospitality and its various industries. They've researched the hotel industry as a whole and are well-versed in areas such as hospitality, public relations, customer care, sales, and marketing, among other things. Students must be able to communicate and organize themselves. They should have a friendly demeanor and a willingness to communicate with others. They make them feel relaxed. As a discipline, hospitality management necessitates good interpersonal communication skills, meticulousness, and common sense. Candidates in the BHM program learn about various aspects of the hospitality industry. Food and beverage planning, housekeeping operations, front office operations, computer applications, company correspondence, accommodation service, corporate finance, sales, marketing, and public relations are among the topics covered in a BHM program. The BHM program is noted for having both theoretical and practical subjects.


Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor Hotel Management

To be eligible, applicants must have earned a minimum of 55% in their 10+2 from a recognized board.


Selection Proces for BHM

Personal Interview with a Merit-Based English Language Test


Program Fee for Bachelor Hotel Management

1st Year Non Sponsored Semester Fee: 59,000


Duration for Bachelor Hotel Management

This curriculum will take 4 years to complete.


Course Curriculum Syllabus for BHM


Semester 1

Semester 2

Food Production & Culinary Art - I

Computer & Information Technology - II Lab

Computer & Information Technology

Bakery & Confectionary –II Lab

Bakery & Confectionary


Accommodation Operation - I

Food & Beverage Service Operation – II Lab

Food Production & Culinary Art - I Lab

Front Office Operation – II Lab

Food & Beverage Service Operation - I Lab

Accommodation Operation – II Lab

Front Office Operation - I Lab

Food Production & Culinary Art - II

Accommodation Operation - I Lab

Food & Beverage Service Operation - II

Computer & Information Technology - I Lab

Front Office Operation - II

Front Office Operation - I

Accommodation Operation - II

Food & Beverage Service Operation - I

Fundamentals of Hospitality Accounting II



Behavioural Science I (Understanding Self for Effectiveness)

Behavioural Science – II (Problem Solving and Creative Thinking)


Foreign Language – II French

Foreign Language – I French


Semester 3

Semester 4

Food Production & Culinary Art -III

Food Production Training Report

Food & Beverage Service Operation - III

Food & Beverage Service Training Report

Front Office Management - I

Front Office Management Training Report

Accommodation Management - I

Accommodation Management Training Report

Managerial Accounting

Communication Skills – II

Food Production & Culinary Art –III Lab

Behavioural Science – IV

Food & Beverage Service Operation –III Lab

Foreign Language – IV French

Information Technology in Hospitality & Tourism Lab


Enviormental Studies


Room Division Management – I Lab


Behavioral Science III (Interpersonal Communication)


Communication Skills - I


Food Science & Nutrition


Tourism Operations


Foreign Language – III French


Semester 5

Semester 6

Revenue Management

Food Production Management - II

Food Production Management - I

Food & Beverage Management & Control - II

Food & Beverage Management & Control - I

Hospitality & Tourism Marketing Management

Front Office Management - II

Facility Management, Planning & Design – I

Accommodation Management - II

Food styling & presentation - Lab

Financial Management

Food & Beverage Management & Control – II Lab

Hospitality & Tourism Research Methodology

Hospitality Integrated Project- Designing a product

Food Production Management - I Lab

Behavioural Science - VI

Food & Beverage Management & Control - I Lab

Communication Skills - IV

Accommodation Management - II Lab

Entreprenership Development

Behavioral Science – IV (Group Dynamics & Team Building)

Meeting ,Confrences & Exhibition Management

Communication Skills - III

IndoAsian Cuisine

Hotel Law

Foreign Language – VI French

Hotel Interior Decoration


Foreign Language – V French


Semester 7

Semester 8

Advance Food Production Management – I

Dissertation – Research project on Hospitality & Tourism

Advance Food & Beverage Management -I

Practice School/ Specialized Training

Resort & Club Management


Facility Management, Planning & Design – II


Human Resource Management


Customer Relationship Management


Restaurant Management


Safety & Security Management


Bakery & Confectionary - V Lab


Advance Food Production Management – I Lab


Advance Food & Beverage Management -I Lab


Bar Operations


Advance Front Office Operation Management-I Lab


Advance Accommodation Operation Management-I Lab



Scholarship Eligibility for BFA

To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants must meet one or more of the following requirements.


Eligibility for a Scholarship at 100%: 93 percent or higher in the aggregate in CBSE or ISC Board Class XII-2021/2020 (excluding Physical Education/ Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ Vocational/ Non-Written Subjects).


Eligibility for a Scholarship at 50%: 88 percent or higher in aggregate in CBSE or ISC Board Class XII-2021/2020 (excluding Physical Education/ Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ Vocational/ Non-Written Subjects).


Eligibility for a Scholarship 25%: In CBSE or ISC Board Class XII-2021/2020, 75 percent or higher in aggregate (excluding Physical Education/ Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ Vocational/ Non-Written Subjects).



The Amity School of Hospitality is a place where you can learn more about the hospitality industry.

  • For Hospitality & Tourism students, there will be industrial visits and advanced training sessions.
  • On a regular basis, workshops and guest lectures by industry experts are held.
  • Faculty Development Program (FDP) for five-star deluxe hotel faculty members to improve their expertise and awareness of emerging developments and activities.
  • Students would be able to gather data/information from hotels and travel agencies for their research projects and industry-related assignments.


Career Option and Job Opportunities for BHM

Candidates may choose to pursue a master's degree. MSc in Hotel Management, MBA in Hotel Management, Masters in Hotel Management & Catering Technology, MSc in Hotel Management, etc. Internships are available at several five-star hotels. Front office executives, food and beverage executives, stewards, air hostesses/flight stewards, and other job profiles in which BHM graduates are employed by hotels are common.



Following successful completion of an undergraduate program in Hotel Management, a hotel/hospitality management graduate would have the following career and job prospects.

  • As a Management Trainee in the hospitality and related service industries.
  • As a supervisor in hotels and other related service industries.
  • As a cabin crew member for both domestic and foreign airlines.
  • In cruise lines, as a supervisory role.
  • In the Defense Services as a Junior Commissioned Officer [catering].
  • In a central government school as a catering officer.
  • In hospitals and institutional catering, as a supervisory role.
  • As a business owner.
  • In the service industry, as a customer relationship executive.
  • As a member of the faculty of central government college, central / state government / private Hotel Management institutes.


Academic Collaboration with Industry

Amity School of Hospitality works closely with India's leading hotels and travel agencies to provide students and faculty members with numerous opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge through training and FDP at the following hotels and travel agencies.

  • Hotel Le Meridian, Jaipur
  • Fairmount, Jaipur
  • Hilton, Jaipur
  • Taj Group of Hotels
  • Oberoi Group of Hotels
  • Indana Palace, Jaipur
  • Cox & King
  • Thomas Cook
  • Travel Traingle
  • Marriott Group of Hotels
  • Instant Travel Solution, Jaipur
  • Make My Trip


The Corporate Resource Center at Amity University Jaipur is very powerful. Graduates from Amity Jaipur are deployed in a variety of areas within the hospitality industry. The placements are not limited to major brands of 5-Star hotels, but also include various Hospitality-related corporate giants that cater to the highly compensated Retail Industry. Because of Amity University's global business influence, only the best companies are invited to visit the campus.

  • The Oberoi Group
  • Holiday Inn
  • Orchid
  • Hilton
  • Hyatt
  • Radisson
  • McDonald’s
  • Fairmont
  • ITC Hotels
  • The Leela
  • Make my trip
  • Thomas cook
  • Taj hotels resorts and palaces
  • Travel triangle


Amity School of Hospitality


Amity School of Hospitality, which was established in 2007, is dedicated to setting a standard in hotel management studies by providing a multidimensional approach to students and nurturing future global leaders by providing an environment conducive to success in the tourism and hospitality industries. Amity School of Hospitality aims to include domain-specific practical knowledge as well as Tourism & Hospitality business management studies that integrate experimental learning to help students develop the necessary skills.

ASH assists students in carving a career in the tourism and hospitality industry by providing well-equipped training laboratories, food and beverage processing units, world-class professors, and an innovative community. Under the able guidance of renowned and experienced faculty members, the institute imparts knowledge and training for students' holistic growth. ASH gives students hands-on experience to improve their problem-solving abilities, expertise, ability to work in a team, decision-making, and professional ethics, allowing them to be forerunners in the hospitality and tourism industry and succeed as entrepreneurs.

Amity School of Hospitality frequently organizes interactions with eminent foreign speakers and experts to enhance students' professional acumen in order to address the challenges in the changing environment of the tourism and hospitality industry. It aids students in comprehending new tourism and hospitality patterns and scenarios. Such programs assist students in studying industry best practices that have been endorsed by industry leaders. Students' horizons are broadened by ASH's interdisciplinary approach to creative and inventive learning, which helps them gain necessary information about related industries and sources.


Advantage of ASH

  • ASH has a well-equipped lab with the most up-to-date hotel management applications, IDX next.
  • Daily guest lectures, workshops, business visits, educational tours, international symposiums, national seminars, and conferences provide ASH with full industry visibility.
  • ASH has highly trained faculty members who have made important contributions to science.
  • ASH provides students with the ability to learn entrepreneurship skills by operating the ASH Bakery Shop.
  • ASH also guarantees 100% placement, three months of industrial training, six months of advanced training and on-the-job training, and two months of technical training in leading hotels and travel agencies.
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