B.Tech CSE in Cloud Technology and Information Security at VGU, Jaipur, Career Opportunities

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B.Tech CSE in Cloud Technology and Information Security at VGU, Jaipur

B.Tech. in Cloud Technology and Information Security is a 4-year undergraduate programme divided into eight semesters, each lasting six months. The course is designed to teach candidates about internet-based computing, which involves delivering resources such as servers, storage, and applications to computers and devices in organisations via the internet. In recent years, the information technology industry has undergone a significant transformation. As a result, a slew of new sub-domains have emerged, each of which is critical to today's business success. Cloud computing and information management are two fields of IT that have gained popularity as a result of their implementations and importance. The demand for cloud technology and information security-based products and services is massive right now, and the two industries are likely to see a lot more innovation in the coming years. As a result, skilled practitioners in both fields are in high demand. Vivekananda Global University now offers a BTech CSE Cloud Technology and Information Security programme to help students improve their skills and expertise and prepare them for new career opportunities.


Eligibility Criteria for B.Tech CSE Cloud Technology and Information Security

Passed the 10+2 or equivalent examination with Physics, Mathematics, and English as compulsory subjects and Computer, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biology, or any technical vocational subjects as optional subjects, with a minimum of 60% (55 percent in the case of SC/ST) in Physics, Mathematics, and any one of the optional subjects taken together.


Duration of B.Tech CSE Cloud Technology and Information Security

B.Tech CSE Cloud Technology and Information Security is a full-time 4-years course.


Career Opportunities in Cloud Technology and Information Security Domains

B.Tech graduates with a focus on Cloud Technology and Information Security have a plethora of career options. In the Cloud Technology domain, salaries may range from Rs. 4,00,000 to Rs. 6,00,000 per annum, while in the Information Security domain, salaries may range from Rs. 2,50,000 to Rs. 10,00,000.


Cloud Administrators 

On the AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms, they instal, customise, and manage applications for clients.


DevOps Engineers 

The architecture and platform management lifecycles are automated and optimised. They build functional structures that enhance the customer experience.


Cloud Migration Engineers 

They migrate workloads from on-premises to the AWS/Azure clouds. When designing a migration strategy, they take into account application architecture, network configurations, and security.


Network Security Engineers 

Anti-malware technologies are used to track and avoid network threats, as well as to secure networks and endpoints.


Cyber Security Analysts 

They assist in the protection of a company by using technologies and processes that avoid, identify, and handle cyber threats.


Computer Forensic Investigators  

Investigators of data forensics use their computer expertise to assist law enforcement authorities in retrieving information from systems.


Curriculum for B.Tech CSE Cloud Technology and Information Security

Semester 1

Semester 2

Physics for Engineers – I

Physics for Engineers – II

Chemistry for Engineers

Engineering Mathematics- II

Engineering Mathematics - I

Environmental Science

Problem Solving and Programming in C

Web Designing

Basic Electrical and Electronics

Design Thinking

Physics for Engineers Lab – I

Communication Techniques Lab

Chemistry Lab

Physics for Engineers Lab - II

Basic Electrical and Electronics Lab

Environmental Science Lab

Problem Solving and Programming in C Lab

Web Designing Lab

IT Workshop

Computer-Aided Graphics

Workshop Practice

Soft skills and Communication

Soft Skills and Self Awareness

Extra-Curricular Activity (NSS/NCC/Scouting/Club activity)

Semester 3

Semester 4

Digital Electronics

Operating System

Statistics and Probability

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Object-Oriented Programming with Java

Information Security

Database Management System

Computer Networks

Data Structures using C

Computer Organization and Architecture

Data Structures using C Lab

Storage Management

Object-Oriented Programming with Java Lab

Design and Analysis of Algorithms Lab

Database Management Systems Lab

Storage Management Lab

Communication Skills

Operating System Lab

Summer Project Seminar

Computer Network Lab


Employability Skills

Semester 5

Semester 6

Cloud Computing

Ethical Hacking

Theory of Computation

Linux Administration

Principles of Virtualization

Artificial Intelligence

Network Security




Humanities II

Open Elective-I

Summer Project Viva


Network Security Lab

Linux Administration Lab

Principle of Virtualization Lab

Ethical Hacking Lab

Summer Project Seminar

Elective -II Lab

Elective – I

Elective - II

Server Security

Cloud Migration

Database Security

Cloud Scripting using PaaS

Security Architecture

Exploring Software as a Service (SaaS)


Elective - III


IT Governance and Risk Management


Incident Response Management


Security Standards and Framework


Open Elective - I


Mobile Application Development


Business Intelligence


UI/UX Fundamentals

Semester 7

Semester 8


Project-III / Internship





Open Elective-II




Economics for Engineers


Summer Project Seminar


Elective - IV Web Security and SDLC


Cloud Security


Cyber Forensics


Elective - V


Cloud Web Services


Cloud Computing Solutions


Hybrid Cloud Computing


Elective - VI


Automation and


Configuration Management


Infrastructure Containers


Cloud Architectural Patterns


Open Elective - II


Big Data Analytics


Data Science


Artificial Intelligence



About Faculty of Engineering & Technology

VGU, India's Best Engineering College, is exceptional in that it derives its strength and inspiration from the unparalleled support of top-tier blue-chip multinational corporations. VGU has set standards for engineering education since its inception and is ranked among India's Best Engineering Colleges. Engineers who are able to meet the real-world demands of their career and provide the best solutions for the betterment of society have been created thanks to our immersive hands-on experiential learning-based engineering education and versatile academic model, which nurtures creativity and innovation.


Why Engineering?

Engineering jobs are expected to increase by as much as 10% in the next decade, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Engineering as Career

  • Engineering is perhaps the only profession that covers so many topics and allows for full learning flexibility. Engineering is the application of science to the creation, design, maintenance, testing, and improvement of structures, machines, devices, systems, and processes as a profession. Study engineering at one of India's best engineering colleges.
  • Any product or technology produced in the field of Science & Technology, from needles to aircraft, software to smartphones, chip to a supercomputer, you name it, covers one or more aspects of Engineering. Choose engineering as a career path and earn your degree from one of Rajasthan's best engineering colleges.
  • Engineering is a broad discipline that includes common streams including computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and electronics and communication engineering. University Institute of Engineering is Punjab's Best Engineering College, with unparalleled support from top-tier blue-chip multinational corporations.



  • Infrastructure that is cutting-edge, with smart classrooms and labs that are fitted with the most up-to-date technology.
  • Crop Research Centre and Horticulture Nursery on 30-hectare farmland.
  • Polyhouse, Poultry House, Meteorological Center, and Vermi Compost Units are all available.
  • Hydroponics lab and modern farm equipment


Awards and Recognition 

  • Students participated in a variety of state and national sporting competitions, winning first place in Kabaddi at BITS Pilani.
  • The faculty members competed in the PANACHE XII, where they won first place in Football and Kabaddi.
  • The majority of the faculty members have earned a PhD.
  • On a regular basis, field visits, instruction, and agricultural exhibitions are held.
  • The course curriculum is based on the recommendations of the ICAR 5thDeans' Committee.
  • Students from Tennessee State University in the United States completed a summer internship at VGU's Department of Agriculture.
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