PhD in Law course at VGU Jaipur, Exclusive Labs, Course Duration

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PhD in Law course at VGU, Jaipur


The Doctor of Law degree is a three-year advanced law degree.

Vivekananda Global University, ranked among India's Best and Top PhD in Law Universities, provides students with an intellectually rigorous atmosphere and a course curriculum that includes vocational experience, project work, professional lectures, as well as more. Although theory allows you to grasp the subject's complexities, the well-equipped facilities offer a more accurate evaluation and real-time visibility.


Brief Glimpse at the Departments

  • Experiential and project-based learning
  • Curriculum developed with the help of industry experts
  • Experiential learning that leads to professional grooming
  • Unprecedented Business Support
  • Industry-leading placements


Exclusive Labs

  • Training in Moot Court
  • Training in Drafting
  • Legal Writing
  • Interpretation of Statutes
  • Professional Ethics



Eligibility – A Master's degree in the related field from a recognised Indian university or some other equivalent degree as determined by the University's Academic Council, with not less than 55 percent in aggregate or 6.0 CGPA on a 10-point scale or equivalent. Alternatively, you should take the VGU PhD Entrance Exam.


Course Duration – 

3-6 years


Fees Details – 



Yearly Fee

70000 -/ INR

Semester Fee

35000 -/ INR


Scholarships – 


Scholarship amount (per semester) 

75% or above aggregate marks in 12th

25% of Programme Fee

60% or above aggregate marks in 12th

10% of Programme Fee


Fee After Scholarship –  


Scholarship Amount

(per semester)

Applicable Fee after Scholarship

(per semester)

75% or above aggregate marks in 12th


(i.e. 25% of Programme Fee)


60% aggregate marks in 12th


(i.e. 10% of Programme Fee)



Pathway After PhD in Law

Candidates with a Ph.D(Law) degree have a wide range of career opportunities. After completing their Ph.D(Law) programme, aspirants may pursue academic work or work in the industry. Following are some examples of common work profiles that candidates can pursue after completing their Ph.D(Law) programme:

Judge: In this position, you'll be responsible for ensuring that justice is served and that all parties' legal rights are protected. A judge presides over trials and proceedings in which they listen to lawyers argue their case.

Commissioners of the Oath: Affidavits can be checked by someone who works under this job profile. The Chief Justice appoints an Oath Commissioner, who is normally (but not always) a lawyer.

Professor: After completing their Ph.D(Law) programme, candidates may enter the academic sector. As a law lecturer, you'll have to teach aspiring lawyers about the ins and outs of the profession. 

Candidates may also follow other Law Job Profiles after completing a PhD (Law) programme at a reputable college or university.


Faculty of Law


In order to practise law in India, applicants must complete an undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG), or doctorate (PhD) degree programme. In India, the law is a very common career choice among students. The fact that famous people like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and former US President Barack Obama were lawyers demonstrates the popularity of this stream.

Law graduates these days don't just dress in black and white and go to court; they still make an impression in corporate offices, law firms, law departments, administrative facilities, and other places.


Why Law?

You will work in a variety of fields after graduating from law school, including lawsuits, law firms, government departments, banks, and more. The legal profession is one of the highest-paid occupations, with pay based solely on a candidate's name, celebrity, experience, and work profile.


Law as Career

  • The practice of law is in high demand these days. The demand for lawyers is growing as a result of changing social and economic circumstances, as well as the government's ever-increasing regulatory position. Law is an adventurous and exciting career choice, in addition to being financially lucrative.
  • In our culture, lawyers are held in high regard, and there is still hope that when everything else fails, one may turn to the legal system. We can come across circumstances in our everyday lives that involve legal advice in one way or another. In such a case, we need the assistance of legal experts who can correctly examine and interpret the law.
  • Lawyers meticulously advise clients about their legal rights and propose courses of action. They also provide legal advice to clients and prepare pre-legal documents such as wills and contracts, as well as perform legal agreements and defend clients in court and tribunal proceedings.


Infrastructural development

  • Infrastructure that is cutting-edge, with smart classrooms and labs that are fitted with the most up-to-date technology.
  • Crop Research Centre and Horticulture Nursery on 30-hectare farmland.
  • Polyhouse, Poultry House, Meteorological Center, and Vermi Compost Units are all available.
  • Hydroponics lab and modern farm equipment


Recognition and Awards

  • Students participated in a variety of state and national sporting competitions, winning first place in Kabaddi at BITS Pilani.
  • The faculty members competed in the PANACHE XII, where they won first place in Football and Kabaddi.
  • The majority of the faculty members have earned a Ph.D.
  • On a regular basis, field visits, instruction, and agricultural exhibitions are held.
  • The course curriculum is based on the recommendations of the ICAR 5thDeans' Committee.
  • Students from Tennessee State University in the United States completed a summer internship at VGU's Department of Agriculture.
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