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DU overseas campus: Acting V-C Joshi says that considering the pandemic, DU had more foreign students in 2020, and now aims to make the best of the current National Education Program. The University of Delhi aims to create an overseas campus to make the best of the new National Education Policy, Prof. P.C. Joshi, its acting vice-chancellor, told ThePrint "I plan to expand education's worldwide presence. The updated NEP has given universities a golden chance and we want to make the best of it. We are looking to expand our campus and Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Singapore, and Mauritius are some of the areas under consideration,” said Joshi."We have vast alumni channels based in the subcontinent of South Asia and we'd like to take full advantage of all our efforts to build a strong international presence,” he added. 

DU Overseas Campus | Dubai, Singapore, Mauritius under consideration 

Joshi detailed how DU saw an improvement in the number of foreign students taking its courses in 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic."I agree that perhaps the pandemic and the resultant closure have generated many challenges for educational establishments, but DU has also seen student applications throughout 80 countries," the acting V-C said.

Upgrading to the 'Eminence Institute'

DU is one of the institutions the government has shortlisted under its 'Institutes of Eminence' (IoE) program, which was initiated in 2018 with the goal of putting India on the global education map, according to a previous study by ThePrint. India's position on global lists of excellence is currently marginal, with even the best colleges struggling to rate in the top 100.Then, earlier this month, as part of achieving the NEP's declared intention of "internationalization of education," the University Grants Commission (UGC) gave the green flag to IoEs to create offshore campuses.According to the UGC and the IoE, a limit of three off-campus centers can be approved to open every five years, but not more than one off-campus center in an academic year.In 2020, DU started nine new departments, including those on climate change and public health, and lined up the construction of hostels with shopping facilities, etc., as part of its strategy to improve facilities to suit the bill as an IoE.

Another move in the path of the overseas campus proposal is something that some IoEs are still considering.In an earlier discussion, IIT-Delhi director V. Ramgopal Rao spoke to ThePrint about spreading abroad, using the example of the Middle East, and said it would help achieve the 50 percent gross enrollment ratio (GER) target by 2040. In the 18-23 age range, GER is the percentage of the number of persons enrolled in higher education to the overall population. India's GER was 27.4 percent for 2017-18, according to the All India Report on Higher Education (AISHE).Our organizations need to scale up; in terms of their registration, IITs need to become even bigger... It is here that the government is urging IITs to open foreign centres, to have extension branches," Rao said."

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