Vidya Vistar Scheme to collaborate with other universities

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An academic cooperative structure is on the cards between Delhi University colleges and departments and those of other Indian universities, going to act Vice-Chancellor P C Joshi said. An academic cooperative scheme is on the cards between Delhi University colleges and departments and those of other Indian universities, having to act vice-chancellor P C Joshi said while announcing Tuesday's six-month report card from the DU. The DU has suggested, through the 'Vidya Vistar Scheme' (V2 Scheme) project, to make its professors, library, and other academic resources open to partner institutions for academic cooperation and collaboration.

Vidya Vistar Scheme to collaborate with other universities

The V2 Scheme has already begun. Letters to all colleges and divisions have been sent. We are now allowing them the right to choose. Nothing is forced on them. We're talking about all of our online services for now. DU has state-of-the-art resources, our seminars, textbooks, projects, everything. We'll see if we can invite researchers here in the coming time and share with them our labs and other facilities," said Joshi."

The framework would entail the coordination of online and offline seminars, conferences, recruitment of faculty, cooperative research, and collective publication. He noted that the DU administration has yet to hear from the involved schools. Charting the path for the future, the acting VC said the university will concentrate on raising its annual global university ranking, the QS Ranking, and taking its rich 100-year heritage to the fore.

"Recently, my objective is Project 500, which is to be considered on the scale of 400-500 QS. Currently, we are at 510. It ensures that in order to get to that number, we will have to develop ourselves on many fronts. This includes recruiting, promotions, teaching practices, our studies, and relations with our alumni," Joshi said. In 2022, the university will be marking its 100th anniversary, for which the administration plans to construct a "DU Encyclopedia."

"To develop a DU encyclopedia, I'm planning a new organization that will be included in DU's 100-year history. There are so many people who have been part of DU, but because we weren't working in that direction, we don't know anything about them," he said.

The acting vice-chancellor, talking to the media, outlined the operations of the university over the past six months. The university has set up a 42-member committee for the adoption of the National Education Policy 2020, headed by Professor Vivek Suneja. Joshi told reporters that an online open-book review (OBE) was performed by the university for the first time affecting 2.5 lakh students in August and 1.7 lakh students in December last year.

This was perhaps the first time that the method of enrollment was carried out exclusively online. The DU granted 19,821 students with digital degrees and 3,885 students with provisional certificates. "On February 27, there will be a mixed (online & offline) convocation ceremony," Vice-Chancellor P C Joshi said.

Over the past six months, the DU has signed an MoU with the Indian Council for Cultural Affairs and 18 universities worldwide for the purposes of scholarly cooperation and partnership with scholars and students from India and abroad. When Yogesh Tyagi went on medical leave, Joshi took over as acting VC. Later, over complaints of managerial lapses, Tyagi was fired and a probe committee was set up in late October last year. PTI MAH GJS NSD

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