9th-11th Exam start on 4th may

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Alternate for Online/ offline exams: The CBSE Board Exams, to be held in February-March every year, will start on May 4th due to Covid-19 this year. It also influenced the evaluation of other grades. The schools are now planning to take the 9th and 11th exams in the month of February only so that the new academic session can begin soon and the summer break begins before the board exam starts.

School Exams: 9th-11th Exam to be started in February because of the CBSE Board Exam in May.

Some changes have been introduced in the exams for classes 9 and 11 to be held in May: Many schools choose to take the 9th and 11th offline tests, although many parents are not quite ready to send children to school, so the online alternative will also be available.

Changes introduced in exam schedule

In addition, the 10th and 12th pre-boards will also be held in February. The result will also be announced in the last week of March. After that, the summer holidays will take place at the end of April or before May 4, beginning new sessions in April. Summer holidays of the 10th and 12th of the new session could be 2 months this time. Students and schools are now waiting for the 2nd of February when the schedule for Board exams will be released.

The academics Sandeep Bakshi, Kapil Singh, Rita Taneja, Urvashi Varman, and Sanjay Parashar spoke about these changes.

  • Exams for classes 9 and 11 will begin one month before the Board Exams begin in May. The exam for classes 9 and 11 are likely to end in March.
  •  Due to board exams from the end of April to May, the Class lectures for the 9th and 11th will not be possible in the new session.
  • The new session for classes 10 and 12 classes will not take place during the Board exams in May. So, the period of summer vacations can increase.
  • Due to the lockdown, students were unable to perform in the 11th class last year. In such a case, a mock practical class will be held for them in February, where they will have a practical opportunity to do the same exam setup.
  • Around the same time, the timings for classes 10 and 12 will be changed due to the 9th and 11th tests, because in most classes, children will take exams due to social distance and 50 percent attendance rule.

Therefore, the capsule classes would be arranged before the board examination. Where children will see the teacher on a one-on-one basis and ask questions. Students are going to get allocated time for school.

The announcement of the second pre-boards was followed by a parallel form in which some schools in the city held pre-boards in December. The consent form was given to the parents for the other pre-boards. Parents will figure out which way they want their ward to appear in the test.

CBSE published sample papers

Sample exam papers are based on the actual exam pattern. Sample papers for students have been published on the CBSE academic website, on the basis of which the pattern and marking can be estimated. In line with those paper patterns, the paper is made of pre-exam sheets. In this situation, 20% of questions will be answered on the basis of competence. Also, the exam is going to be three hours like before.

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