JNU Reopening 4th Semester

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JNU going to reopen: 4th-semester entrance MPhil, MTech, final semester MBA students permitted as of 8 Feb. JNU declared that MPhil and MTech students in the fourth semester and MBA students in the final semester, both day-scholars and hostel residents, would be able to return to campus from 8 February onwards.

JNU Reopening 4th Semester

Monday, February 8, 2021: On Monday, Jawaharlal Nehru University declared that fourth semester MPhil and MTech students from its Science School and Special Center and final semester MBA students, both day-scholars and residents of the hostel, would be allowed to return to campus on February 8. The university's B R Ambedkar Central Library also declared the partial resumption of operation. A university notification indicated that those students who need access to the laboratory and are expected to apply for their dissertation or thesis before 30 June are permitted to enter the campus in its seventh reopening process.

The Central Library of B R Ambedkar will now enable students, scholars, and faculty members to purchase books from the library. The facility will, however, only be made accessible 24 hours after submitting an email to the librarian. Only five students will be allowed to access the library to pick up the requested books at a time. Until further notice, reading spaces, bookshelves, and reading halls will remain closed. "will attract a penalty of withdrawal of library facilities"attract a penalty for the withdrawal of library facilities.

The university also announced the immediate reopening of approved shops for hostels, residential areas of the shopping complex, and the Tapti, Paschimabad, and Poorvanchal complexes, including those offering tea, snacks, and refreshments. However, until further notice, dhabas and canteens will remain closed on the campus. Yoga exercises are also authorized with immediate effect in the sports complex and will be performed in compliance with normal operational preventive measures, the university has started. As their physical presence is required for their NCC 'B' Certificate, the entry of NCC Girls Cadets will also be allowed.

The facility of e-autorickshaw will also begin within the campus, it said.

The university began classes on Monday for fourth-year Ph.D., MSc, MCA students. The sports complex was also reopened for "walking and running purposes" and the Aravali Guest House canteen and the "takeaway facility" of the India Coffee House.

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