First-year UG courses start

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No student with any symptom of Covid will be allowed hostel entry, food should be served with a slot-based coupon system in small groups. The SOPs claimed that students and staff staying at the hostels should avoid visiting markets and restrict these visits. Following the partial reopening of schools and colleges, on Thursday, the government of Gujarat announced the reopening of the first year of colleges from February 8 along with student hostel accommodation.

First-year UG courses start Gujarat on 8 February

Final Years of undergraduate resumed: On January 11, along with the final year of undergraduate courses, Ph.D., and MPhil, classes for postgraduate, medical, and paramedical courses resumed. Principal Secretary of Education Anju Sharma said that after taking into account the feedback and experiences of the final year and first-year students, a decision on second-year courses will be made. 

Follow the protocol: Colleges were requested to strictly follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) provided by the Department of State Hostel Education and the Reopening of Colleges. There should be a staggered seating system for students, according to the SOPs, and they should be encouraged to use virtual meeting tools for group events, such as Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. All kinds of sports and campus gym programs should remain closed.

A comprehensive SOP for hostels states that not more than two students in a room would be accommodated by Samaras hostels that were used as Covid Care Centers for asymptomatic patients but have been vacant for a long time with a decline in Covid cases across the state.

"No student with any symptom of Covid will be allowed hostel admission... food should be served in small groups with a slot-based coupon system... Students and hostel staff should avoid visiting markets and limit these visits...," the SOPs said.

It notes that no washing soda, detergent powder, or chlorine should be used for the preparation of food in order to wash vegetables, which should only be washed with hot water.

A joint meeting of the Departments of Education and Health, chaired by Health Commissioner Jai Prakash Shivahare, took place on 28 January, where the State Department of Education suggested the reopening of the first and second years of colleges.

Both students residing in the hostels, including thermal screening, must undergo Covid guidelines. In addition to proper cleaning of utensils, educational institutions should ensure proper cleaning of the kitchen, dining hall, bathroom, and toilets. Students have to get water bottles of their own. Classes 9 and 11 resumed in schools on February 1, while classes 10 and 12 reopened on January 11, respectively.

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