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Manipal Institute found 59 positive cases for Covid-19

Manipal Institute Karnataka: The state health department in Karnataka reported 1,488 new Covid-19 cases and four deaths in the last 24 hours. After 59 people tested positive for the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in the last few days, the administration declared the prestigious Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) in Karnataka's Udupi district as a containment zone.

Dr. Sudhidra Chandra Suda, the District Health Officer, said that 33 people tested positive for the disease in Udupi on Wednesday, with 27 of them from MIT. "The vast majority of those who have tested positive come from other countries." Initial experiences with Covid-19 positive people have also turned out to be positive. The campus has been designated a containment zone by the district health administration," he added. The MIT administration has already made the decision to hold all theory classes online and postpone the classroom, practical, and communication classes.

The institution announced: The institution said in a letter on Wednesday that the "pending end semester review of the First semester B.Tech will be rescheduled to a later date." In the last two weeks, the state has seen an increase in coronavirus disease cases, and travelers from Maharashtra and Kerala are required to bear negative Covid-19 test certificates.

According to the state health department, 1,488 new Covid-19 cases and four deaths were registered in the last 24 hours in Karnataka. The state's Covid-19 count has now crossed four figures for the third day in a row. Eight more people have died, bringing the total death toll in the state to 12,415 people. In Karnataka, there are currently 11,359 active cases.

On the same day, the state government declared that the number of regular Covid-19 tests in the state will be increased to one lakh. On Monday, the Karnataka government declared that it is putting together a coordinated effort involving healthcare staff, officials, and other personnel to prevent the state from experiencing a second wave of covid-19. Karnataka's health, family welfare, and medical education minister, K Sudhakar, said that for the next 50 days, all agencies and staff would be on "task mode" to avoid an increase in positive cases.

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