Amity University: Hi-Tech Engineering Labs, Computer Labs, Workshop

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Amity University Hi-Tech Engineering Labs

Amity University provides world-class lab facilities in a variety of fields, including engineering, biotechnology, mass media, architecture, fashion technology, and hotel management. Students operate with cutting-edge computers under the supervision of an experienced and well-trained faculty. Amity School of Communication's laboratories includes a cutting-edge TV studio and a cutting-edge video editing space. To record news bulletins, produce newscasts, documentaries, and even feature films, the TV Studio is outfitted with high-end digital and video cameras, teleprompter, professional studio lights, chroma screen, mixing and video editing units, and applications such as Final Cut Pro. As part of their daily course, students are given this equipment to make films and shoot photo features.

Workshop: The Mechanical Engineering Workshop promotes the acquisition of information about the functioning of various manufacturing and production processes. The Workshop Practice course prepares students to manage practical work in an engineering environment. The Mechanical Engineering Workshop also assists the institute with various maintenance and repair projects. Different shops, such as Machine shop, Welding shop, Tin Smithy shop, Foundry shop, Fitting shop, and so on, sell various tools and machines.

Computer Labs: Computer laboratories with the most up-to-date configurations of computer systems and applications are available in the department. Practical preparation is prioritized in order to improve the student's programming skills and application-oriented approach. Tech laboratories provide software for various aspects of computer science, such as programming, database management, computer networking, and website design.

Advanced CNC Machine Tool Labs: CNC lab aspires to provide training that meets industry standards. The lab is planned to provide practical training for Mechanical Engineering students in their final and pre-final year projects. It provides hands-on instruction in CNC Lathe and CNC Milling Center Programming and Operation. The semester-long course consists of a mix of theory and practical sessions. A dedicated team of teaching and non-teaching staff from the Department of Mechanical Engineering is leading the course.

Fluid Mechanics Lab: The Fluid Mechanics lab is held in conjunction with the Fluid Mechanics theory course. The flow behavior, fluid forces, and analysis methods are introduced in this introductory course. The experiments' objectives include determining the forces produced when fluid flow passes over a solid material, using the control volume method, demonstrating the momentum and energy equations, measuring viscosity, and establishing engineering correlations. Separations and transitions to turbulence are examples of complex flow phenomena.

Automotive Engineering Lab: Students in the automotive engineering lab learn how to design, produce, evaluate, apply, modify, and maintain vehicles and their components for use in transportation systems. Internal combustion engines, fuel injection systems, braking systems, and other vehicle accessories are taught to students.

Process Control Lab: This laboratory course will teach you about feedback control systems in the chemical and process industries. The course includes complex control system analysis as well as hands-on training.

CAD Lab: The CAD lab at Amity University in Rajasthan is a central facility run by the Amity School of Engineering and Technology, where all ASET students, research scholars, and faculty can use 2-D and 3-D design and analysis software. Users are encouraged to read, practice, and apply what they've learned to their own studies. Users can design, evaluate, simulate, and create components in the CAD lab's digitally integrated environment.

Mass Transfer Lab: This lab will implement a fundamental analysis of mass transfer phenomena, establish methodologies for solving a broad range of practical engineering problems, and understand separation equipment in the process industry. It also ensures that unit processes are well understood. Diffusion mass transfer, cooling tower operation, dryer operation, crystallization, and absorption are among the topics covered by students.

Engineering Mechanics Lab: One of the most important subjects of engineering is engineering mechanics, which deals with the mechanics of different structures and components. Protection, strength, rigidity, durability, and behaviors of mechanical beams, trusses, struts, joints, and other technical aspects are ensured by laboratory results.

RAIOT Lab: With the establishment of the Robotics Automation and Internet of Things Laboratory, the Department of CSE & IT has begun research and development in the fields of robotics, automation, and the Internet of Things in order to unleash the research potential of students and to encourage students' creative ideas and projects into motion (RAIOT Lab).

17 DOF Humanoid, Home Automation System, Quadcopter, Kick O' Wheelz: An Automation Powered Gaming Console, and others are some of the completed projects under the RAIOT lab.

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