IIT Kanpur: Asks Students to Vacate Hostels, 58 58 Active Cases on Campus

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IIT Kanpur Asks Students to Vacate Hostels, 58 58 Active Cases on Campus


The administration at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur has asked all students to leave their hostels by the evening of April 26, 2021, as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise exponentially with no sign of relief in sight. Faculty and staff, on the other hand, are exempt from the order. The decision was initially made only for undergraduate students, but it was later extended to research scholars as the situation spiraled out of control. The dean of students' affairs wrote to the PG students in the hostel on April 21, asking them to vacate their rooms because the "situation on campus is bleak and the city's healthcare support system is over-stressed." Meanwhile, the college's health center has reported a total of over 113 cases (both on-campus and off-campus) since February of this year, with 100 of those cases occurring in the last two weeks alone, as per official data. There are currently 58 students on campus who have tested positive, and they are currently in a separate wing known as the VH facility.

However, the dean stated that the college would not be able to help for a long time. In an email, the dean wrote, “Healthcare coverage for students who need medical services is becoming more difficult.”


Health-based risks: And those infected were able to return home from their designated rooms under the condition that they leave the area instantly without joining any other units on campus, according to an earlier official order – which has since been revoked. Except for the ticket booking process, which had its own set of "conditions" that weren't mentioned, there was no mention of any administrative help. The contaminated students have been asked to stay back after students and faculty voiced their displeasure with the decision. According to a faculty member, one student who was awaiting the results of his RT-PCR test was permitted to leave campus last week to return to his home state of Andhra Pradesh. As a result, he traveled from Kanpur to Andhra Pradesh, where his test results were positive.


“Imagine how many people he'd infect on his way! And, even if a student's results are negative, how is it still appropriate to allow him or her to leave campus?” The faculty member had demanded anonymity. Last September, the administration summoned the students in batches to the hostel. While the first three batches returned to the hostel without incident, the fourth batch encountered some difficulties because the second wave of COVID-19 had spread throughout the country by that time.


‘A criminal act’: Faculty members say that they were not consulted before the institute made its decision. According to a member, the administration's strategy during the pandemic has been top-down, which has wreaked havoc on many occasions.“By asking people to leave school, you're implying that you'll infect others, but not other students on campus. On the condition of anonymity, a member said, "This is a criminal act." One of his colleagues died, according to the professor, due to a lack of oxygen cylinders in the local hospital where he was admitted. The faculty member claims that his life might have been saved if the administration had intervened and prepared for the crisis.

Both faculty members and students believe that oxygen cylinders can be made on campus because they have the equipment needed. “We have the capacity to manufacture cylinders rapidly as a research institution. And if it isn't possible, the institution should at least stockpile cylinders. They didn't do any of that in the last six months when the college reopened,” the faculty member said. He went on to say that students who tested positive were not given an oxygen meter to use to check their oxygen levels. The meter is not available in any of the campus's medical shops. In other words, if a student's oxygen level decreases, he or she will be completely unaware.

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